Added a second light. Now..?

Hi, Just some questions since adding a second light… Theyre both Bestva 1,000w (145w).

First, i hear you experienced growers frown on my blurple, but the one has done pretty dang good for 4 plants into flowering. So please no lectures in that area. Not enough dough ATM and will do better when i can, enough said.

SO… It has a Veg and also Bloom switch. Ive heard some say that they leave BOTH switches on at the same time, and thats what ive been doing since they started flowering.

Now that im using two lights, should i continue using both switches on both lights? I guess the red bloom switch color doesnt really matter with autos?

And now that ive added a second light, does this automatically INCREASE THE INTENSITY? OR, just give the plants BETTER EXPOSURE TO THE SAME INTENSITY? Meaning should i raise the lights higher than when i just had one light? (To avoid light burn.) Or maybe just cut back to a single switch on each? Thanks as usual!


Leave all switches on. Those bestva can grow good plants. They really can. You doubled so just check heat. Probably 12" to 18 max. I have a 300w bestva stored. Grows great.


Definitely no complaints with these lights! I was at 20" with the one light and still there. Temps have raised a couple degrees more. Maybe raise em a touch?

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Think of it as each plant needs around 75 watts to produce decent buds, the more the better and more “dense” your buds could get. :smiley:

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Give it a par check. I never ran more than 18" up. This was under the 300w bestva.

Grew it with friend. Loaned him the light and gave plant and soil/nutes.


Now when you say '“never more than 18” up", i just want to confirm the direction. lol Like, never put it closer than 18".

The only thing i dont like avout these lights, (but may be the casexwith others as well) is that the hanging mechanisms that come with them are almost a freaking foot long by themselves. Kind of a pain trying to rig them for proper height with a lower ceiling.

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Also, i do not have a par checker thingameter thing. No clue and if youre referring to my manual, i dont trust it. Ha

I stayed 18 or less depending on heat. More penetration. Jist start 18…see if they like it then adjust.

Android phone…photone app for free. Will be accurate enough for what we want. Temps we worry on now is at canopy. Adjust light so if keep back of hand at canopy level a minute no discomfort.

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Ha I just assumed those things didnt really work. Ok so it seems im reading 36,000 directly under the light at canopy. And 28,000 at the center of the 4 plants.

Check the dli setting at your hours. 12 18 whichever. Then do a search here for the dli chart. Its up here.

Yep, youve lost me completely. Where am i? Danger will robinson… Um, i have always left my light on 24/7 if thats what youre referring to? Didnt plan on changing it… ?

Givem a break. A lot happens lights off. Also save electric. Extra light gives more dli. On the app you will see a dli setting. That tells you Daily Light. How much it getsnduring on time according to light output. 18/6 plenty. Really is.

This app doesn’t mention dli. Ill try another one…


Also, cant it still risk hermie if i change light cycle like that?

No wait, i think its if youre not consistent with the hours, than can risk it? And since i dont have a timer yet, i didnt want to risk it. I cant be trusted like that.

Ok, so im at 20dli under the light at canopy at 12hrs. What that means… Guess ill be reading!

5 dollar walmart timer. If auto light not going to stress it. Tje 5 dollar timer will save 30.00 on bill.


Put the dli setting to 18 and see what get.