Add this light or no?

Currently running a SF4000, and have been all through veg, only a week or so away from flipping. I have this unknown wattage cheap LED that has nice spectrums. I was wondering if adding it to the girls for veg and/or flower would be beneficial or not? Thanks!

Blue spectrum:


Full blurp:

SF4000 specs:

@dbrn32 I know your the main vein on lighting around here. Was wondering what you thought?

Any additional light will help I run a sf2000 and I put it in the middle of 2 600w (113w actual) blurples and I’m actually impressed with how my room looks right now. I grew under the blurple ones for about a year and got a few zips every time

Edit == also sf don’t have uv I don’t know if it actually helps every other article says something different but if uv helps the blurple probably has a little you can move it all around to give all of your girls a day or two of uv every week

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Won’t hurt anything. Not sure if any benefits from using it with outweigh the cost of running it. If you’re good with that and are able to manage the added heat, go for it.


Fair enough. It will resume being an ornament. :+1:

thanks, ill read around about it and see what i can find. Lol @MeEasy

I agree, you could run it if you want. Hard to say how much it would help without more information, but it shouldn’t hurt anything.

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