Actual Potency vs Marketing Hype

I have viewed 100’s of seed company claims and customer reviews and never see anybody comment on potency. I am tired of hearing about smell, taste, lights, trimming, drying, curing, flushing etc etc etc.
I never hear actual end results, either it gets you high or it was a waste of 3-4 months. I am using GS autos.
Please someone help me to understand why smell and taste are more important than the end result.


welcome to the forum.
Regarding potency…Do you like/drink coffee?

Regardless, i drink 4 cups of coffee throughout the day. My wife drinks 1 coffee a day, If one morning I were just to drink 1 and my wife drank 4 my world would be turned upside down…why?

i need 4 cups, with only 1 i’d be dragging my butt around all day, grumpy, yelling, just a mess.

In the other side of the house my wife would be pissed. Now being forced to drink 3 additional cups of joe, she’d complain about the trips to the bathroom, upset stomach from too much acidity, the shakes from too much caffeine…on and on.

the point is you have to go on that adventure alone and see what works for you. find out how many cups of coffee is enough. and what types of coffee work for you.


@DoomSack I get where you are going with that. Each person’s experience isn’t the same.

The taste and smell go hand in hand with good bud. Have that and the final product normally speak for itself. ILGM has some great genetics. Give the plants optimal growing conditions and you will be rewarded with an amazing final product.


If you use the search feature here on the forum and search “smoke report” you will get some comments about what you want to see.
Most seed sold by reputable companies if grown correctly will produce potent buds. And as pointed out above it can be subjective to each as to how potent it is. One hit puts me down, but the wife can do 10x what I need and feel less effects.

1 Like is a good place to find smoke reports. Find the strain and then scroll down far below all the statistical information. About 50% of the time there are smoke reports. If it’s a common strain, try to find the web page for your particular breeder’s version of the strain.

I’ve never worried about potency as these modern cultivars are stupid-strong compared to the old days. What do I care between 20 and 24% THC? They both get me baked right now. Having flavorful, soft smoking and enjoyable cannabis makes everything better.


When I buy seeds I ALWAYS shoot for over 20% minimum just in case I mess up causing less potency. So far every strain I have from ILGM have given me fire budz, and I can smoke 2-3 grams a day easy of 25% dispensary bud. So that’s my comparison. But good cannabinoids are part of an enjoyable experience. High amount of the terps you need or are looking for are what gives the medication it’s magic. I can smoke vape thc all day long and be medicated bud the pain killing ability is far less effective than flower because it doesn’t have all the goodies raw flowers do. Good genetics all around so far from ILGM.

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Thanks for your kind response.

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Thanks I will follow your advice. I want to be clearer about my question. I do not doubt the genetics of my seeds, I question the fact that after reading hundreds of online stuff, I NEVER see a review of the final results, the only thing that really matters is potency. I do not expect to get 24%THC but after reading others experiences, I don’t want to waste months only to find out I didn’t do one of many steps correctly which causes my potency to drop very low. The more I read the more I understand this is not the 60’s.
Anyway thanks for responding.

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Thanks for responding. The fact that you get off with only one hit is a testimony to potency.
Just figured I would tap into the knowledge base here because after harvest people don’t report back on their results which is suspect to me.

Well for one thing, I grew a plant last summer that gets you super shitfaced but has almost no smell when you smoke it. It only has aftertaste, no flavour when you toke. It makes you immediately paranoid for about 30 minutes and then you are ripped after 2 or 3 tokes! Cant sleep on it either! Would I clone it? Not likely, I would prefer less punch, no paranoia and a nice flavour. Does it get you high? Hell yeah too high!

Good analogy, thanks.

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Thanks for your logical reply. I only bring up this subject because it is glaring to me that end results are always missing.

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Great coffee analogy, well said @DoomSack

@Haildamaged has test results from his grows that I think some are ILGM, if that’s what you mean.

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I think something that alot of people here are daily to mention is that the reason you don’t see alot of % is that it all depends on the grow.
When you see an advertisement for 20% thc that was just the highest they found in a sample grown.

Here in Canada we have alot of testing going on and even at our local hydro stores they ussualy have a consultant that comes in from time to time and takes samples to get tested at a lab.
You can see that as you become a better grower you can dramatically change the THC and other cabanoids within the exact same plant/genetics. Let alone the fact people are growing from seed, some growing in soil, some in hydro, some are doing little tricks while feeding top end nutrients and some are just letting it buck in their back yard or in a big pot of soil like fox farms.

The other thing is that terpenes play a huge roll, so you may have a 20% thc bud that is lacking terps vs a 16% bud bursting with terps and the stone will be even stronger.

It’s not so cut and dry man, it’s like a fine wine.

I believe @PurpNGold74 has been learning alot more about terps maybe he can share some knowledge


QUOTE “it is glaring to me that end results are always missing”

Hey @DoubleCure, I think part of that is because when most of us were buying bags in the 70s there was a huge disparity between weak and strong weed. Its was rare to get anything that would get you stoned on a couple hits…at least in our area, so when you did find something strong we all talked bout it. It did get more common later. But my point is that no seed supplier now sells inferior product unless you specifically want low THC seeds. The actual grow also effects the final quality and you will see more conversation about growing techniques than smoke reports. In other words the high potency now is so common its not even part of conversation like it used to be. This actually should reassure you that you will get good genetics from seeds purchased from reputable suppliers.
Have fun and hope your grows go well.


Very good insight here. I agree.


Quote: the actual grow also effects the final quality

Again thanks, Maybe it’s me being unclear or these reply’s are from people that one way or another profit from selling seeds. My point is not about multi-million dollar companies and the quality of their products. I have absolutely nothing against companies making money by selling products people want. We now have access that we never had before which is in my opinion a greatly appreciated and a needed service.

My question was why is there such a lack of home grown final results being reported. I do see a number of people report about what they did wrong with their grow and that next time will be better.

I do not accept that today’s home grown smoke is so good that quality is no longer talked about. That is an impossibility. Much focus seems to be on taste and aroma which are both worth mentioning but definably take a back seat to quality.

Many YouTube video makers love showing off their grows, many of them even film week by week and yet they don’t show off their final results. This is the basis of my question and this fact remains highly suspect. Nothing to do with seed companies.

To grow a good quality weed I now need multiple supplies from lights to fertilizer and I must follow how to instructions exactly. If I can do that I probably stand a chance of getting close to the marketing promises. Built in to every grow (as you said) there are many factors that effect the grow.

Please no more feedback from seed sellers.

who are selling seeds? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

have you grow your own weed? or smoked someone’s who has? :smiley: the reason why there isn’t a 9/10 smoke score or it was so potent i got really ripped man… is its always better… always… :ok_hand:

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While you make a totally valid point, and I hear you because I was there when I first started ordering seeds, the fact is there is no true way to tell.
Cannabis is so complicated and has been banned for so long that the science hasn’t caught up to the general knowledge, currently the science is trying to prove fact or myth what is already fairly common knowledge including quality and genetics.

Even if we were to all go off thc % alone there is no cheap, easy, accurate way to test everyone’s buds. So people just arnt doing alot of tests in the home grown, black or grey market.

It’s like Ubrew, or moonshine, or home brew… That’s really what cannabis is and will be.
Down the road it will be so readily accessible and affordable that many won’t go through the investment to grow it or test it. Just like the one guy you know who brews his own beer or wine, while most of us just buy a box from the store.

Even the market in Canada is already crashing, companies thought they could sell 5-15$ joints and now all but the biggest are realizing they might go belly up because they spent so much money so fast. Heck even the big companies have stopped construction on their projects in the hopes they can weather the storm, so consumers should start to see prices drop over the next couple years as they undercut each other.

But back to your point drugs effect people differently and tolerance also plays a part. There might be some really good smoke that knocks me on my ass but I smoke one week out of the month and some people smoke 3 times a day so they might think my smoke is junk while their smoke for me might be uncomfortable as it makes me feel nauseated and paranoid