Actual age to flower


I grow in soil…start under CFLs, then switch to an LED panel to flower.
Is the time calculation to start flowering from when the seed sprouts, or do you wait to start counting after it has been in seedling stage for a couple of weeks and is officially in the vegative stage? other words, should I start flowering (4) weeks from sprout or (6) weeks from sprout?
Guides I have read aren’t very clear on this point…I have been starting 12 on 12 off after (4) weeks from sprout in order to keep the height of the plants relatively short. Some plants do well and some fail for no apparent reason.
Any clarification would be appreciated.


Depending on how fast it decides to grow sometimes I do for weeks from seed sometimes I do up to eight weeks from seed then when you transferred to 12 on 12 off I do not count the first two weeks of transition then you have another 6 to 8 weeks of flowering hope this helps @duece


Thanks, much appreciated!


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