Active coal air filter


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Might be a stupid question but where’s the right place for placing an active coal air filter? Indoor at the suction end or discharge end on the blower?

Building a grow room for the first time 3 x 3 meters and I really don’t want to make any mistakes :thinking:


Discharge end of the blower, Thats where the smell will be released


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Hmm, my understanding was to pull through a carbon filter, not push out the end. I better double check that for myself…


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@Matthew420 please do case I think I might even be wrong


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In fact, there would not be a “pre-filter” if it wasn’t meant to be pulled through…


Ok you should put on intake side of system @Majiktoker
You can put it on discharge but they are designed to be on intake side so smell never escapes tent / room
In the end both ways will work
@Matthew420 good point about prefilter


No kidding look it up and get back to me and I think its possible to run that way




Pre- filter? Should there be two filters?


Thank you @Countryboyjvd1971 I thought I was wrong after I said it


Check out the video I linked. Most I’ve seen have a cloth/cotton outer filter to stop the big stuff from clogging the filter.


Okay. Makes sense :slight_smile:


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