Active and passive intake together?

Just wondering about running 4" intake both passive and active combined with a 8" exhaust. Any potential gain or adverse reaction?

way more info would help, “8” exhaust"…???
sounds like a 4x4 or 4x8 tent…???

i can say two 4" round passive intakes with a 8" inline is not enough for max air flow.!

Yea sorry threw that up real quick as I was going out the door. 2 rooms side by side each 2.5’ x 2.5’ x 8’. Each with a 4" active and a 4" passive intake.
Both active are supplied by a single 4" 190cfm in line fan. Exhaust is through a single 8" 795cfm in line fan ducted into a scrubber box in the attic Both fans are on speed controllers.
I already had the passive cut in the door I’m adding the active. I can easily block the passive off. I was thinking at lights out active intake shuts off ( save electricity) and the exhaust will pull from the passive vents and to some degree from the shut down active system. Oscillating fans still running also

Hey man I am no expert like some are but you can use both. I use both. My room is built into my spare bedroom. I habe the window built i to the room and then I have it blacked out with 2" polyiso insulation. I have 2 holes in the insulation to the screen side of the window. My 6 inch exhaust vents out the top hole outside. I have a 4 inch inline fan actively pulling fresh air from outside through the second hole. When lights on i keep the active running and usually have the door open. At lights out door closed active is turned off. I run my outtake exhaust half hour on half hour off. We are in winter where I am so with pulling outside air in I needed to add humidifier. But I run 1000w HID and my temps are steady around 77°F and my RH now with the humidifier is around 45-50%