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Namaste J

I saw this and thought of you in your Irish Glade, this is the bollocks




don’t do that which makes you worry about the outcome, in the first place !..:pray::sunglasses::v:



One large “air-pot” made from scrap wood and an unattended builder’s rubble bag that I rescued.

Should be good for one plant in this year’s outside grow.



What kind of material is you “rescued” bag? They always advertise the fabric bags as “non-woven”. I wonder how thats relevant



I’m not sure Base. The bag is porous, so there must be tiny air gaps all around the sides and I punched/cut holes in the bottom to improve drainage. Rescuing unattended/unbranded items or livestock is, to be fair, an Irish tradition dating many, many generations :wink:

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Oic… u r upholding tradition lol I hope ur grow works out well



I’m in the 5th week of flowering.

It’s been a problematic grow and I’ve definitely got a bad case of “growers jitters”.

Relax, don’t worry… everything is going to be all–right.

I know any major changes to nutrients, light schedules or pest prevention could turn a potential good grow to a bag of shite.

I needed another, non-cannabis growing project.

So, I decided to concentrate on, drying, curing and the longtime storage of my harvest.

Drying nets - Already got from previous seasons.
Curing - I’ve got airtight jars and brown bags.
Longtime storage = Mila bag and common sense.

I’m fairly well covered.

The only thing left was to go “(F)artistic” and inventive with the glass curing jars.

A recycled push-on coffee jar with an exterior polymer clay covering layer.

Light protection and cooling with ease of opening that will make “burping” easy.

This is the prototype.

Anyway, it’s been a slow night and an even slower grow.

The harvest is mine.

If I keep my nerve.

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