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Jimbo, respect.

Rip-testing-limits last night.

Duck+Durban in a big feckoff spliff.

I eventually stopped laughing and laid down to wonder…

What a ride!

See yer Mate, unless I see you first!


Oldie but goodie.


I suspect my plants are saying, “What the feck is this idiot going to feed me next?”.


Dr O’whee,
thank you for the videos, most kind of you.
So it sounds like the Duck has some quack in it, I am going down the Hindu Kush / Afghani Autos road this year so I am planning on F/Duck next time around.

I am thinking of maybe coming over to Ireland this year to see whats what after Brexit (my grandparents are from the Old Sod and therefore eligible for an Irish Passport)

Here is some far out reading for you.
James :panda_face:

and this is the source material


Professor Jim, how is the indoor project going?

I’ll look through your links later, as they seem a “bit” complex.

Topped the fem and male today.


Ahoy Jaque

my grow is on hold to due to life overtaking my want’s as opposed to my needs.
the articles are a bit dense but basically the understanding of bigger yields for the same effort is the future of herb cultivation, eventually…I am at the Olde Northern Lights at present :star_struck:
Can I use the Kratky Method outside ?
What size grow lights do you recommend for a 1st indoor timer?
Adieu Mon Brave :penguin:


G’day Sir Jimmy.

I hope your troubles and tribulations are short and your wants and needs lead you to fulfil your destiny.


Light, let there be (plenty of) Northern Lights to comfort THE Dragon.

N’aie pas peur, mon brave, On va se débrouiller.

We fight the good fight.

Stay well, my friend.

Jaque O’whee


Rolling on.


Good old Northern Lightsunnamed-1



I have been stuck in bed for the last six days.

It is very worrisome regarding overfeeding my male plant.

It would be devastating if my experiment turns into a bag of tits.

I hope you are well my friend and bathing in luck.



Stay well my friend.

We have a lot of grow experiments to do.


I decided to split my indoor grow into a new thread for 2019 as the whole 2018 thread was becoming very disjointed and confusing.

The grow plan is evolving but on track.



I’ve moved your request to make sure my topic Outdoor Grower TRYING Indoor Winter Grow 2019 stays on topic.

I’m not growing auto’s this year. But if I was, I’d choose Passive DWC using the Kratky method for the grow.

Two reasons. Very low maintenance and once the nutrients and PH are set no adjustments are required because the PH remains stable throughout the grow.

This is what “I” would do.

Invest in a good sized reservoir tank (15 quid from Homebase)


145 litre with 4 heavy duty wheels.

Cutout 5 holes in the lid for securing net pots.

Buy hydroponic veg and bloom, calmag and silicon additives.

Ph meter, Ph up+down mix

Get 5 x 2-litre plastic bottles and make Kratky pots.

How my hypothetical grow :wink: would work:

Germinate and grow seedlings in soil until 3 or 4 real leaves show.

Prepare the Kratky pots with the weakest solution of veg nutrients and transfer the seedling. Gradually increase the veg solution until week 4 or 5 or strong signs of flowering.

Move the plants to the main tank filled halfway to a third with a 3/4 strength bloom solution, calmag and silicon.

2 weeks before cropping. Syphon out the tank, fill and syphon and fill with clean water.

I would expect a most bountiful crop.

Jim, that’s what I would do.

Very best of luck with your soil grow.



thank you for your advice viz a viz nutrients, I have Bookmarked your info for next year …Dioch .

next year i will be celebrating 50 years of my love affair with Ganja and I intend; Inshalla, to Kratkyise some Kumaoni plus that insane looking Bergmans Goldleaf .

My acre was blown to bits by the storm, how did your Poly-Tunnels fair ?

Again, thank you for the guidance.:sunny:

I enclose this info for you, they look easy as anything to cobble together as they are not readily available in our rapidly fragmenting United Kingdom…:boom:


Gro Pro certainly has a good marketing team.

My Dad used to use a small upsidedown pot in the bottom of his tomato pots way back in the '60s. As a young lad, I can remember helping him fill the pots. He did it to get better drainage.

Spend your money on fabric air pots.


Spend your money on fabric air pots.

what size would you recommend ?



I have an almost 90% failure rate when growing in soil.

Believe me, any advice I give regarding soil growing will probably only make things worse.


The Mister,
it is quite possible that you have a reverse electro-magnetic humanoid effect on the bio-nuclear elements and sub-quantum elements of Irish soil, the missus only has to look at a clock and it stops ticking etc etc
But ta for yer help.

The Mister


Saved for next time I’ve got the munchies…