Across the Ditch - Ireland & Wales

From all the white pistols, looks as if you have a couple weeks left. But tricomes don’t lie

Yeah, it’s right on the edge of being ripe.

Tomorrow is set to be light rain and overcast. Ideal for working in the tunnel. So, I’m just going to go for it.

I’ve got 2 more Pearls and a Kumoani under lights which should be ready next weekend. So I’ll freeze the trim and small buds from tomorrow’s harvest and save it for an end of season bubble hash run when I get the other 3 trimmed.

Lit up a few hours ago, well medicated…

The top picture was taken under the grow light and that makes the topmost pistol look brighter than they really are.

An 18-carat solid gold toilet has been stolen in a burglary overnight at Blenheim Palace.

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Is that you in the video. Looks like someplace I’d love

Allegedly… I was recovering from my second stroke at the time.

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Here’s another video that I’m alleged to be involved in.


I just saw the story of stolen gold toilet on the news this morning. That’s pretty shitty

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Kumaon Kingdom was a Himalayan kingdom ruled by many Himalayan dynasties in the Kumaon region of present-day Uttarakhand state of India.

Fascinating history.

However, I’m growing Cannabis Landrace seeds from that region in the North of Ireland.

The maximum daylight time in Uttarakhand is 13:45:28 and the minimum time is 10:31:18.

I’m thinking.

If I was to market and sell to the indoor northern growers.

I’d emphasize reducing overhead lighting cost.

Instead of 18-6 every day during the flowering phase, why not go have the option to go 14-10?

Stay well


You can do that now…as long as you hit the Daily Light Interval (DLI) you can run any number over 13 hours and they ought to do fine.

Hello s410,

Yes, I do know that.

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you could make a few bob knocking up customs sheds mate. :sunglasses:

Hello Jack
i saw this and thought you may enjoy it
I am kicking off with 5 x Bergmans Auto Goldleaf today and another 4 in June as I had great pot and yield from my test plant last Oct. Fingers crossed I survive for the harvest moon.

Jim in the wind

Hello Jim.

I did enjoy watching “old style” rugby being reinvented.

Desperate times for a smoker with a cough.

I turned back to edibles and tried cannabutter with a beef stock cube drink. It was OK taste wise. When it kicked in… I was high for hours and the complete disconnect from the depressing news was a relief.

Stressful times for us oldies.

Stay well my friend and keep up with the herd.


One up, one down and one for polishing.

High Jaque
I got me one of these things to celebrate my 70th year on this planet scratching my head for the main part…its like drawing on warmish air albeit Hindu Kush air
Edibles soud fab and by the by I am going to the World Ploughing Match next year on your island with a bunch of ancient Welsh farmers…if we do not sucumb , enough time for us to think about a meet.

Be healthy Buddy and peer through the rents in the fabric at all times.


For sure a meet-up would be good.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling a bit isolated we could have a game of chess.

This URL will go directly to a new game against me and with a bit of luck, I’ll be notified someone wants to play and chat.

I’m not a rated player and use chess as a way of exercising/rerouting my brain’s memory cells that were lost in my strokes.

The invite is aimed at @James68 but any members of ILGM also welcome.

My Daughter & Son played the link last night and we had some good games. I used to take all my kids to the local pub where the local chess club ran a kids night. This was about 25 years ago and last nights games brought back lots of good memories.

Along with the game board, there’s a chat and voice app so the whole thing works well as a game and communication app.

Here’s a new link if you or any ILGM members want a game:

My grandson signed up (free) and wants to play me!

Good for me to be part of his home schooling.

Mr J

Sadly I never learned tp play Chess but I do the Scrabble and the Game here in W Cymru is finding flour for the breadmaker these days.

Deffo meet up on the Old Sod next year, , Inshalla.

Most of my ploughing posse have an assortment of Stents (myself included) and are veteran of various strokes and assorted ailments and by then I shall 71 !.. the nipper of the gang !

My Auto Gold Leaf is flourishing in the beautiful spring sunlight…roll on 1st of June …snip snip…

Jim of Whales

That’s a shame.

It would have been good to be distracted.

Keep ploughing on.