Acidity test on foxfarm ocean forest soil. With vinger and backing soda

I did a acidity test on my foxfarm soil. Its high in acid. Its the tree compost . Its done do to the fact that it becomes a base for you to balance it to your ph needs. If it was lowe it would be hard to raise it. I took 8 ounces and flushed it once with 8 ounces of water . Bang the ph was at 6.7. It stared at 7.3. So i am trying to figure out its half life. To better my feeding accuracy. Once you actually know the half life and what the components of the soil you can feed with better results.

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Seems to work well without testing.


@garrigan62 .i believe addressed this issues before , but i cant find . He really is super good soil man … Hammer

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I really agree. But i have to know how things work. Thats how my brain works. I apologize if made any upset.

Thank you @Hammer,

The only thing this dose is tell me not to buy that soil… Right ?


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You don’t like FF soil?


I make my own soil for all three phases of grow. But it thats me

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Can you tell me more about making my own soil.? Garrigan62

And i thonk people get plant burn form ocean forest is do to nutes. I don’t think it should be feed nutes till the soil is 3 months old. Its a half life in its own nutes. Then you build next layer of nutes but every two phed water so every 3rd in my opinion would be better.

I feel I wouldn’t be able to exceed their soil for the same money. You’re far deeper into the science than me


Where I live, quality soil amendments are hard/impossible to find locally, and shipping kills you on many such items. But the “good ol boys” Agricultural stores have figured out the pot heads will buy the shit outta Fox Farms. So it’s actually fairly reasonable


Don’t get me wrong I’m sure it great stuff just not for seedlings. Is all I’m saying.
I used at first MG and had nothing but trouble even not addings nutrients for well into vegg.
I mean thats just my opinion. Been there done that…


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Oh yeah, I’d never pop a baby in it

@Blountville. And. @Soilgrowth,

It will take me a bite but I would be more than happy to sheer with you both on the soiosoiol o use and make.


@soilgrow you can layer your soil like I do and still get great results . The method is as the plant progress from seedling to a mature vegging plant as the roots grow , they grow from a less more nutrient soil into a more rich nutrient soil , so by doing layers you have less chances of burning your seedlings and they get very strong throughout they growth from less strong soil into stronger soil …make sense ? I normally mix and blend my soil medium to give that almost super soil compost affect that way you can skip a feeding or two in early vegging are when transitioning from veg to flower . This is my method that has gave me success each time for the last 4 grows I’ve done , there is a red bag of fox farm potting soil and I mix it with ocean forest and 70% of perlite and about 20% vermiculite with a half cup of dolomite crush lime and and Clayton pellets and I mix this all up in a separate large container or garbage bag etc okay , than about 3-4 inches from the bottom of the pot I fill it up with this soil due to it being a more stronger mix okay , than I put fox farm happy frog about another 3-4 inches are almost half way up the pot as the second layer which is a more lessor nutrient soil but great for seedlings and mix another 20% perlite in it also , than I top off the pot with coco coir mixed with perlite to top off the pot and being coco has no trace elements in it being neutral this gives your seedlings a very great chance of surviving and growing without burning …hope this helps and make sense to give you an idea on what and how you can get your seedlings thriving without worrying about what’s in the soil medium you using , and you can do promix no 4 , black gold and miracle grow moisture control , are roots organic , natures care and light warrior but you can layer you soil in stages from strongest to stronger to less strength so as the plant grows and thrive your roots will grow in stages into the stronger soil at the right stages for the plant maturity .


Please do.

Im doing the recipe you gave yoshi.

I start all my seedlings in ffof and they take off like rockets ! Never one related problem

I disagree that it’s too hot but that’s just my opinion ( I love the stuff )


@Paranorman it’s not that the soil fox farm ocean forest is to hot , it has a lot of beneficial nutrients that can be to strong for early young seedlings in some strains . Now to prevent fox farm ocean forest from burning seedlings in early stages of vegging you can flush the soil with ph balanced water at 6.5 to kind of flush out the strong organisms and beneficial nutrients out a little , but most strains can be very sensitive in early seedling and FFOF can burn them in the beginning .

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Thats what i was trying to figure out can we balance it before we start it just to help.