Ace killer OG grow journal dwc

This is my ace killer of journal .

The mother plant

She’s getting so big.

And here she is with the clones taken from her
With her clones taken April 22 2023


lots of clones … :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yeah I’ll pack the best ones and then get rid of some unfortunately

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I have a cloner like that. It works nearly 100% success rate for me.
I have to go thru the difficult process to weed out weaklings also.
Looking good!


Yeah I’ve used this cloner few times before and always have great success with it. Best investment any grower can make

I am working on getting my timing down. I am going to try taking cuttings when I change lights to 12/12. That way I think I will get a better system of perpetual harvest.
When I started last year, I purchased seeds for about 20 bucks a piece.
It is so satisfying to take a single seed and clone from that plant and have multiple harvests from that 1 seed.
I currently have a super skunk, a critical Kush, and a green crack finishing in the next few weeks in hydro. And I am doing a soil grow with a couple accidental hybrids that happened on my first grow.
I just joined this yesterday and I have enjoyed reading everyone’s experience’s.


Welcome to the family! This is a great community of well experienced growers. Glad to see another hydro guy here. Yeah it’s easier to justify spending that much money on seeds when you can get so many plants from 1 seed. Depending how long you veg and how long your plants flower life cycle is it will help with perpetual grow. On average it can take about 2 weeks to establish a good roots on a clone then once in the hydroponic setup I usually run a 30 to 45 day veg period. Then it takes about 65 days of flowering. It’s important to know your strand flowing cycle to help determine each stage of timing for the perfect perpetual grow.

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Photo taken April 30 2023

Ace killer og mother and her clones

Just taken today may 3 2023

Also painted my tables white today to get ready for the ace killer og clones



OMG…what a grow room you have made

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Week 1 day 1

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Little update

The ace killer og mother became a littto big for her home so had to cut her down and replace her.
This is the new upcoming mother ace killer og

Also planted a clone outside just to see how she would do. Once she establishes a good root ball I will transplant her in the ground.

Remember to check out the videos on my YouTube

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one heck of a grow setup…nicely laid out …good morning growmie

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Week 3 veg update

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Just ordered 2 of these hydrobuckets going to give them a try see if it’s easier to do water changes with an so I don’t have to slide lid over since I scrog my plants

Week 4 update

https:That hydro couple //

Stop by check out the grow