Accurate hygrometers for curing

Trying to find some accurate hygrometers to use for drying and curing. The ones I ordered from Amazon are about 8-10% off - one of the multi packs… any suggestions @Hellraiser @NeoGroR @Mrcrabs - not sure if you use with the paper bag method. Thanks!!!

12 Pack Mini Small Digital…

Yeah I got a 12 pack like that in orange and they are crap, way off.

These are very good and what I use in my cigar humidors as well as for bud


Yea, the temp was even off by 6 degrees - sat one in a container with a boost 62% packet - got up to 46% after a few hours…

A little bulky but seem to be pretty accurate compared to any other hygrometer I’ve used. Not multi pack cheapo kinda price but not terrible either and you can monitor with bluetooth or go big and set alerts with a hub and wifi.

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The dispensary here puts the 62% packets in the script jars so I had a couple laying around from a week or 2 ago… I don’t plan to use them based on what I’ve read about impacting flavor, color, and smell etc.

Sorry my friend… I just seem to go buy touch and yes I use the brown bag special method… good luck buddy


@Mrcrabs brown paper bag method?? Please explain. I have a 6 tier mesh dryer bag with fan and carbon filter. 3-5 days and it’s dry to smoke. Not sure if a cure is still required tho.

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@Mrcrabs an through it on another post I have going - I’ll tag you there so you can get a quick peek at the paper bag method (I’ve obviously not tried it, but mrcrabs seems to know a lot).


I’ve never tried it that way but many members have… I’m my opinion after the mesh bag if they dry they ready to jar up in mason jars and to be burped… my method is to dry trim… which means I cut my buds and hang them immediately… then when I feel them dry… I put them in paper bags which helps them retain moisture so they won’t dry up so fast… then I’ll manicure my buds and jar them… IMO… I don’t like to wet trim because it’s harder to get the smell of the fresh cut grass @FullyMedicated

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Cure will def level up your buds. I don’t smoke em until like a month to 6 weeks out. I mean yeah I try em once they’re dry enough but def cure another 3 weeks + from when they get added to amber Mason’s.

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