Accidentally triggered flowering?

Hello guys. I’m doing some research with my plants. Have one plant which started to flower 10 days sooner at her 18 days comparing to her older sisters (34 days now). All plants green poison auto xl in soil. Older have been put at balcony from beginning and started to flower at their 28 day both. Genetics very variable as one plant low and bushy and other tall with narrow leaves. Can happen with hybrid though.

The younger started with help of flc bulp from sunset to midnight. I’ve stopped to give additional light 4 days ago. She was 9 days ahead with nodes, compared to her older sisters. Actually her older sisters have started to show pistols as well when second pair of 7 point leaves were out. They were much bigger with other colas developed due to age.

What is it? Change of light or the plants is programmed to show pistils when second pair of 7-leaves out?

I’m just surprised it showed pistils 10 days stoner than sisters the same strain

autos are as @WickedAle says, essentially cats. You can try and make them do what you want them to do but they’re going to do what they want to do.


It really seems that way. I can tell this one has strange start. She sprouted in 8 hours when I accidentally ripped of seed shell still in soil. Every day got new sets of leaves. Put in final pot week later and broken he roots which hasn’t slow her down. In 13 days I saw new pair of what I though is 7leaf. Well it showed up as 6… it was growing cotyledon - 1/1 - 3/3- 5/5 - 5/6 - 6/7… If next is going to be 7/8 haha. I know ruderalis can have 13 pointed.

Number of leaf points doesn’t matter. I’ve grown some that only end up with 7-9 point leaves and some with 11-13

Yeah, I shouldn’t be surprised even if it’s from the same package. Genetics vary all much.

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Genetics, Genetics, my friend. An Auto Flowering plant will flower when ever it ready to. I kinda like growing them along side of my Fem’s even while my fem’s are in flower. Even light change won’t bother them. Best of luck with your grow and Welcome to ILGM and our growing community

both are cridical jack one is 1 week behind ththe other and there is a huge difference in the 2. No 2 plants are the same.