Accidentally forgot apartment #

Hello all, I was hoping someone could help me out with a problem. I just ordered 5 of the zkittles autoflower seeds and noticed I forgot to put my apartment number on my adress!!! First time buying from here I dont want my seeds to go to the wrong person but I have no clue who to contact please help, thank you

Email customer service through seed shop. I would make sure to include your order number in email.



i did exact same thing β€” mail undelivered - no apartment number β€” goes to ? local usps - think its called ?routing or delivery office
i never got mine - i get distracted - instantly

so call your local usps or talk to postal deliverer
they will tell where your local distribution place is β€” have to go in person and collect - i think - i never got that far in process

Your order isn’t shipped out yet, your apartment number will be updated. :slight_smile: