Accidentally cracked a branch while LST, help what to do?


While LST some of the branches, I accidentally put too much tension & snapped a branch-it’s still attached but barely, I wrapped it up as close to the main branch but will this cause the plant too much stress & kill it? It’s about 46 days old, NL auto.
Thanks for any suggestions!


If it’s the main stalk duck tape it fast as possible and it should live .


I used soft plant tape to strap it back up- no it isn’t main stalk but one of the lower branches. Hope it doesn’t effect the plant too much.
Thanks Yoshi!


Tape is a good option for repairing the stem. They are surprising resilient to cracks and often repair in a week. I used tape when I messed mine up but also put a stake in to use as a support while it is healing. Guess it depends on the size of the branch.



Oh great to know! Thanks so much- 1st time growing & learning a lot, hopefully things will go smoothly from here to the final product.
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Mari :relieved:


The learning curve on starting growing MJ plants can be steep ! ! Do NOT be afraid to ask questions at any time. It is always a learning experience the first time out (and the second, and third . . . ) Remember, there are no stupid questions, only the ones that you do not understand. Good luck on your grow!



Hell first time ,second time , third time , at anytime something can go wrong and being its so much in growing , but since you toked you have forgotten most of that sensitive information …download the grow bible !!!


Thanks Jerry! I will keep that in mind, I’m sure I’ll have loads of questions along the way. Reading all the different info & watching Youtube videos has been quite informative but still need to learn alot. I just want to grow the plants to their full potential & hope I don’t make too many mistakes.


yes I did but it’s kind of vague, not really in depth as I would like. I even went to a seminar recently but it’s hard to absorb alot of material /info in a short time so I guess it’s going to be along learning process.
Thanks for all the input, really appreciate it!
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It’s not the mistakes , it’s how to fix them when they occur . Now don’t panic there are a few variables that can optimistic , but they simply fixable as you go along . But my advice is to keep it simple each grow , dial it in and keep the same routine , but each strain is not always the same as the last one . So some reading or questions base off some guys experience can give you alternative advice , compared to what you have learned. This group of individuals that chime in , can help you surely get to harvest and cured .


Just support the broken branch, closing the wound. IN a week or so; It will heal and continue to grow normally. You can wrap it in gauze, if you want.


I had one pull away from the main stalk maybe 50% separation, propped it up no tape it formed a big knot and the buds still looked great like the others.