Accidental reveg question

I’m not a complete beginner, but this issue is new to me. I had the best looking granddaddy purple going, and noticed about 10 days ago it started to reveg. I think because the door of my closet was leaking light. Fixed that, but I’m not sure if this will snap out of it and bulk up the buds or not. Anyone know what to expect in this case? This is day 33 of 12/12.

Here’s another pic.

Accidental “reveg” can cause problems. It can cause hermies. I would keep an eye out for balls at the nodes or bananas on the flowers. Light inconsistencies is a major cause of hermies.

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Yeah, been watching. So far so good, but I don’t know how long before they would appear. It’s been 8 days since I made the space light leak free.

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Are they foxtailing yet?

Just that growth on the tips.

You may be ok then. Usually about two weeks after several days of a good light leak, buds will start foxtailing. Yours don’t look far enough along which may have been a good thing.

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The biggest issue I could see is the re flowering. Id give them a solid 24 hour dark period if possible before back to 12-12.

Its like this. The reveg shoots new leaves thru the buds. When you reflower, it will rebud up again. The original buds will continue to ripen that entire time. And eventually they will be overripe, while you still have 4-5 weeks of maturity on the other newer buds cooking.

The sooner you can get her back into flowering the better. UNLESS you can completely reveg, pluck calyx, then reflower (like a month AT LEAST). And all that said, the stressing could hermie her with either option.

If she were mine id immediately reflower and just pray for the best.

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That sounds good. Thanks for the info. I considered trimming off the tops where the new growth is. Would you advise that?

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That count seriously hinder yield. Id make a decision one way or the other before deciding.

If you will reveg, yes u can chop them off. More leaves will form.

If right back into flower, i wouldnt clip anything just yet. But when u see new pistils, the old buds should start swelling. U can pluck those off.

Either way has its risks…

Thank you. I’m just leaving it alone. Here’s what it looks like at 5 weeks. I’m just going to plan on about 7 more weeks.

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Sounds like a good call. In a couple weeks we can reevaluate and decide the next steps of action. Just keep us updated on progress.


I am watching! I am at 7 weeks flower (not counting 2-week stretch). I thought mine looked weird but could not pinpoint what was off. The I noticed some new small leaves (we are talking 1/4th inch). They are roundish not pointed like the sugar leaves. I though at first it was just the bud bulking up but then they started unfurling. I looked at my timer and firetruck if it hadn’t been hit at some time and they were getting an hour of lights on in the middle of their twelve dark. I just noticed and changed her upcoming dark period to 13 hours. Environmental conditions are stable and there in an extra layer of black out around the tent. It is a nine week strain. I am crossing my fingers all will be fine and I can cut in a few weeks. Keep me posted on what happens to yours. I need to upgrade my stinking push button timer ASAP!!! Grr. These three were looking so good.

Can you post a pic of yours? I’d be interested in seeing them.

When lights come on I will snap a photo and post. I have my fingers crossed it is a mild reveg caught in the nick of time or maybe just normal development for these particular strains?

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Sounds good. I’ve done a ton of reading about it, and it’s not always caused by light leaks. Could be heat, or to much nitrogen, or light stress. Mine were very deep green, so maybe to much nitrogen? Who knows. They say they will hermie most of the time if a reveg occurs, but I haven’t seen any indication of that on mine. But I’ve got a few weeks to go. Pic of mine just now. 6 weeks 12/12 tomorrow.

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Thanks! I actually had a dream about my plant turning herm last week!

Here is a cola off my Train Wreck. You can see the little round leaves pushing through the bud. Every time I go downstairs I check that $#&^@% timer. Something got jostled again today (laundry day) and if I had not of looked they would have had a nice 2 hour and a later 1 hour lights on while sleeping!!

She’s due for harvest early to mid August and I have clones waiting to get in that tent so I am just going to proceed.

Best to you!


Just a quick follow up. I posted the above pic in my grow journal. So far opinion is “all looks normal”. This my only my second indoor grow but I did have a clone start flower then reveg when I was on travel. It looked a lot like this. It took some chopping and two months for her to grow out of it.


They look great.

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