Accident with timer on lights

when i moved my timer to a new circuit i accidentally pushed in one of the pins that turn the lights on, so every night for a week my lights turned on for 15 minutes in the middle of the night, (until i noticed and corrected)
i was about a month into flower stage and then i noticed the nodes getting close together at the top of my plants and the leaves at the bud sites growing and the buds have stopped growing, (or maybe i am just looking to often so it seems like buds quit growing lol…)
my question is did i ruin this crop? will they return to flower stage after a few weeks of 12/12?
what should I expect to happen now?
@Covertgrower @Nicky
i received my first quantum r spec last week and you are right! its is so much better, I hope to receive second one in a couple weeks or less, i ordered it this morning, now the tent has that smell that needs to be filtered out, I never smelled that smell with the cheap Chinese lights,


Im not experienced enough to fully answer your questions but from what ive read it didnt ruin the crop. Ive heard of people applying the 12/12 light and then flip it back to 18/6 for more veg growth then flip back to 12/12 and they are fine. My suggestion is to wait maybe a week because if you flip right back to flower they are going to be confused and stressed out and might turn hermie on you. But wait for someone more experienced to answer for sure.

A 15 minute deviation for 1 day isn’t going to make a difference.


unfortunately it lasted for a week before i caught the problem, what exactly happened is i needed the outlet that was in the open where it could be seen and moved the timer circuit behind the tent out of sight, (to free up the outlet in plain sight) when a new digital timer that i ordered from amazon came in i set it up and then i wanted to make sure the old conventional timer was set accurately to the actual time so i had to get a good look at timer then i seen that i accidentally pushed in one of the pins around midnight my 12/12 starts at 7 am and goes to 7 pm, if i would not have crawled behind the tent to check that the time on the timer matched the time on the clock i would have never noticed the error, it originally took a whole 3 and a half weeks to see the first pistil so i am guessing if it isn’t ruined altogether then it will take another 3 and half weeks to see any new bud growth, all i know is it really was depressing when i noticed LOL… this is my very first grow so you can see how it felt to make such a knuckle head mistake, i keep referring to it as a practice run to work out the kinks so i guess i will mark this up as just one of the kinks. hopefully the last kink but i doubt it, on the positive note now the plants will get a little bigger, i did the screen of green technique, and i was so excited to get to the 12/12 i flipped the switch after 3 months of veg so i had the extra head room for this but if they stretch up the same amount as the first time the light will be close to the roof of the tent, i think i have about 18 - 22 inches left to raise the lights, then i am out of room

@frankiefingers change it back to 12/12, and it may take awhile for them to go back to flowering but they’ll survive.
I did something similar, I forgot to switch my flowering schedule back to veg, so everyone started flowering as soon as I put them in. Lol.
All good live and learn.

As for running out of room, you’ll just have to super crop a couple of branches if you need room.

Keep an eye out for hermie-ing plants.
Maybe you’ll get lucky.


In a couple weeks, start checking for nanners or balls. You may have stressed your plants enough for them to hermie. A week of light interruption that far into flowering is not a good thing.


OK, good to know, i will definitely keep my eyes open for that, i was kinda wondering how bad i goofed up, it sure would be a shame to loose 5 months of progress, and it was going so good to i didnt have any issues with the health of these 2 plants although i started with 4 (unsexed) i had one male one hermie (my fault) i didnt keep an eye on the PH in the beginning and stressed one with a low PH and it went hermie on me,

this has been a learning experience for me thats for sure, i am pretty sure next time i will learn more things not to do, i am still unsure about the nutes to use i see really high numbers at the local hardware store like 20-20-20 for the general purpose nutes and the bloom nutes are 5-15-55 or maybe it was 5-55-15 not sure now its been awhile but the nutes designed for this are low numbers all in single digits, so this is something i need to figure out can you point me in the right direction to find literature to help understand this, i have ADD or ADHD whatever its called now days so videos are useless to me, i cant concentrate long enough to soak up the info with video’s but with reading i can re read the same thing enough times to make it through to the end haha