Accident switching mediums....Super stressed out

Hi I was Recently advised to change growing medium because the soil i was using was inadequate. So as i was taking it out of the pot this morning and I accidentally separated the bottom third of the roots and soil from the rest of the plant… Is it possible that the plant will me ok or is it a goner… any insight /advice is greatly welcomed and apreciated…thanks

It will bounce back, just give it a few weeks if you were planning on switching to flower

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It’ll work out just fine.

I was .thank you I really appreciate it… do you think I should use some root hormone powder in the soil?also have u used or are you familiar with this product

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Great product, works well, and that will certainly help.

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this is the soil im switching to…so its ok to use the super thrive with this new soil? Thanks for your help.first time growing so im learning and reading as i go. You’ll been a great help

Sorry for the a bit confused about how to use the superthrive… How do you recommend I use it?

Check instructions it’s been awhile, it pretty much mixed in. I thought it was 1-4tsp a gallon. You could Mix less but it’s a start.

Thanks you

Did someone here recommend that soil? What were you using before?

Not exactly I ordered some fox farm soil that should be on its way soon…i chose this bag because of the ingredients the mix is made up of.and I wanted to change it right away because the health of my plant seems to be getting a bit worse…is it not good soil?I was using some cheap stuff from lowes called Stagreen for vegetables and flowers…

It looks like it’s got added fertilizers that are time released. Like miracle grow. Not the best for cannabis.



I just finished too…this stuff is a lot finer then what it was in.what should I do?

I dont think I have root rot though…

Not much you can really do at this point, since you’ve already done it.
In the future though, I’d stay away from any soil that has time release or billed as “feeds for xx months”.

I’ve grown in miracle grow before. It’s not ideal, but it can be done.

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I’ll keep that in mind thanks.i feel like my plant is getting worse by the hour.

Water it as you would normally, reduce the lighting a bit and cool the room to about 70f

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You shocked it damaging roots. It should get better, but probably going to look a little rough for couple days.

Should I have lights on it or let it be in the dark for a bit?

Keep your normal light schedule

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