Accident happened

high I have a diesel x blueberry auto I have tied to netting (scrog) it’s 5 weeks 30 days old I snapped the main cola top last night by accident it came clean off I put honey on the wound as I read thus helps to stop infection will my plant be ok ??

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Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to save it. Sorry for that. I had a branch break off completely and I tried to clone it and it died. just move on your plant will heal itself.
And yes the honey was a smart move on your part…good move.


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I didn’t try to clone the cola I new it was waist of time it just that it was the top main cola will I lose a a big percentage of my harvest

How far was she into flower?

the plant is 5 weeks from seed popping out under lights or 36 days old it’s a auto so it’s on a time clock I’m guessing it’s in second week of flower

Is try taping it up. I’ve brought plant back from worse things pp0

It happened last night snapped clean off the top went in the waste bin
all I can do is let the plant recover and get on with it Lucy I have another and 4 prototype girl scout cookies and 2 northern lights x chronic on the go all started at the same time, I put 2 autos on so we had something to sample while waiting for the 6 other plants to finish


Like i said the plant will amaze you that it can fully recover time to move on.

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It will send the rest of its energy in to bulking up the other colas now, after it heals of course.

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You topped it! :+1: You’ll probably see more vigorous growth out of the branches at the node below the break.

hopefully that what’s happened it seems to be fine only time will tell it’s at least half way through it’s grow cycle now with it being a auto

I missed that it’s an auto. Hopefully you’ll still be alright.

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She’ll probably do fine, but she may be stunted, now.

I’ve did this and did clone the bud. It took forever to go to veg. And now its a huge cluster. It is so bushy that I don’t exactly know what to do with it. It is only 2ft tall and I’ve LST’d it into a spiral and still can’t tell.

Not sure other peoples experienced here but topping an auto significantly drops your yield by A LOT.

Autos don’t have the time to be topped since you dont control when it goes to flower. You should only top photoperiod plants.

Just know youre going to get a so so yield now.

Ok thanks so glad I got 6 prototypes and another auto :blush: happy days

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I did something similar, “accidental topping” where the top 2 inches was snapped clean off, happened a couple of days back and, well, as pics elsewhere show the plant didn’t skip a beat.

She’ll likely be fine.

Oh, sod it, here she is yesterday, 2 days after the “incident” and when I looked in this morning I could see more signs of trichs and “frosting” forming. So even though there was an accident with that White Haze Auto, it doesn’t seem to have bothered her at all.


@anon35207245 hi your girl looks the bizz saying from the UK lol
mine seems to have been fine got lovely buds forming looking really full of the sticky good stuff
the other auto I got going next to it just seems to be a dud from day 1 should just throw it really it seems really behind the one I stressed out and got really small buds just keep hanging in hoping it come good :evergreen_tree:

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