Accent Flower Seed Soak

Has anyone ever used Accent Flower Seed soak to improve the germination rate of auto seeds ?

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Can’t say I have ever seen anyone use it.

That sounds expensive and unnecessary. Drop seeds in water till white taproot pops open, maybe a drop of peroxide. I wonder if it’s basically hydrogen peroxide? I bet it is. I just looked it up and it claims to be a feminiser product. Interesting but since most of the seeds we buy are already feminized I wouldn’t invest in it but I learned something new. Cool.

Yes I’m not concerned with the feminising claim. I’m just trying to improve germination rate and yes I cannot see it improving either germ or fem as seeds are genetically set but thanks for the answer

interesting… i normally just drop mine into a shot glass with some water for a day or so and put it in the dirt and they come up… are the temps on the low side where you are trying to germinate them possibly ?

No it is a controlled temperature set between 68 - 80°f, I have used town,rain and purified water ph 6 soak in water for 24hrs then paper towel, even tried unbleached paper towel all to no avail. I purchase in lots of ten, 1 strain 9 out of 10 the other strain 1 and none out of 10 which would suggest infertile seeds( mostly the seeds don’t look mature ( very light colour hardly ever dark colour with stripes) also i think the auto’s maybe genetically unstable ! Tks for the input

Are they ilgm seeds? You knead just too get good genetics it sounds.

Yes they are ILGM seeds and they are very supportive with replacement seeds which is the reason I deal with them unlike most seedbanks !