AC infinity Setups

Have some $$ to spend so am looking for my fellow growers thoughts on AC infinity hardware. Specifically fans, controllers and humidifiers. Lights and tent covered already. Grow space is 4x4. What do folk have/use and are you happy with your investments?


With the latest developments you need to get one of the model 69 controllers. They control 4 items including their fans, lights and their not yet out humidifiers.

I use them and am happy. Have intake and exhaust and a non ac-i light controlled by it. No complaints. Also had oscillating fan hooked up to it but found no need to have it set to anything but on and unhooked it just to have 1 less wire in the tent.
Im happy w controller 69. I saved a few $ and didn’t get wifi version bc i just don’t see the need for it.
Intake/exhaust are quiet and move the air they are supposed to. Cords are long enough to reach where i want them to.
Oscillating fan is also quiet and moves air. With a long cord.
I don’t deal with dehumidifier in tent so i can’t help you there. I condition the lung room with a whole room dehumidifier and of i need more humidity i just don’t clean up the water i spilled in the tent

Good stuff I’ve got 4-5 fans and 2 controllers.
I do use other fans that dont have controllers in other tents.
And i just realized something :flushed:
The only tents I seem to have issues in, are the ones not digital controlled , so I’d say it’s worth the money :wink:

Idk about their other products but thry make great exhaust fans for sure.

If you buy their products from the ac infinity store on amazon you can use the coupon code “mr grow it 15” for an instant 15% off. It will stack with the 10% off amazon has going on some of their products too. Top quality gear at a fraction of the price :grin:

I have their oscillating fans. Top notch equipment. I guess their rope hangers count. I have four of those and they’re good quality too. Given the reviews from growers on here their exhaust and controller 69 will be my next purchase. They have different UIS cables that allow you to run most quality brands of lights through their controllers for about $12.

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Ac infinity inline duct fans are the shizznitt vs almost all others but ive only used inkbird controllers and thought about trying ac infinity controllers

I have 3 of their tent ventilation systems, 2 of their new oscillating tent fans, and 4 controllers. 1 of the controllers is the newer 69 series which i really like i just wish you could customize what you wanted to see with the display thru the app instead of having to navigate thru stuff. Other than that solid products literally never had any issues with them and they seem to be high quality

Thanks all need to hit some buy buttons tomorrow !!

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