Ac infinity for drying

I run perpetual grows so I don’t have room to hang in the dark so I just did my first dry with my dry box. Made with ac infinity cabinet fan controller with 6 inch computer fan. One side has a carbon filter that also feeds in the tent to control smell. You gotta play with the settings depending on your homes rh but I had no issues. Set to run when rh gets in to range then adds fresh air. Just like jar burping but automatic.


Awesome rig you have there. We use one of those containers to store our dog food, would totally copy this if I needed to.


Heck yeah, very creative good to hear from you @Painfree


Thank you. It’s a work in progress kinda thing. Next is a shelf system. About the same money as a wedryer but I think better once it’s done.


A little pic of what the controller is doing. Big number is temp. Bottom right is the rh I have it set for. Top right is actual rh. Because it’s higher than my set number the fan is on. ( middle right ).
Once actual rh goes down. My fan will stop till the rh comes back up. It’s giving me the best terps I’ve had. I’ve got some grove bags coming too so can store in them and cure.


Just wanted to finish up and say it was my best dry ever. 8 days could have gone another or taken a day sooner. Dry box temps never got above 73 and that’s just the grow room temp high during the day. . I pretty much set rh to 58 and fan to run at speed 3 when it was triggered to come on. I will use this every time for now on.