AC Infinity controller question

Well I set up my AC Infinity fan, filter and contoller . Plug it all up like the directions say and it doesn’t work. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong ?

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Check your plug make sure you got power and did not trip the breaker. Next plug your fan into the plug if fan works, then plug it into controller and make sure controller is on. Good luck !


I figured it out. I had the 4 pronged plug in backward. You can see that it has 2 dog ears to only put it in one way but it goes in both ways :sweat_smile:. Carbon filter be here this week and I can do some cord management


Your little table isn’t going to take the weight of a full grown plant with water. Your going to need a set of rope hangers to raise and lower your lights.

The higher you raise your plant and lights, the hotter it is, as heat rises and cold air sinks.

Get some tie wraps and fold those wires into a nice 4 inch bundle tie wrap them together and attach to something out of the way.

Your plants will soon grow to where moving all those wires and things becomes almost impossible.

Is your tent in a 72 degree heated and cooled room? Another piece of advise is to think about the smell now, if it’s in your house you must vent it outside or your whole house will soon reek of budding Cannibis. Good luck!

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That was my first grow and it was stunted. Also the angle makes it look smaller than it is i have a carbon filter ordered and yes it’s in a 72 degree room but tent is around 80.

My temperature stays about 80 all day and night. I come home for lunch and check it also and rotate my plants

Try to lower your nightime temps ten degrees if possible and daytime below 82. I run mine at 77 in daytime 67 on non hot nights

Dang. Ok I did ad a few more lights and I just got my fan in today. I’m gonna kick it up a notch. I dunno if it’s gonna drop 10 degrees though. My ac is set from 71 to 73

don’t forget to download the app, you can control it with your phone.

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Ah I thought that was the wifi version only but now I see that isn’t out yet and just the Bluetooth is available and does it. Thank you !

not a problem, you do all your settings on there and not have to worry, auto turn on and off ect…

My dehumidifier will be here tomorrow but I’m ok with temp for now.


I just left it running all day tbh. I knew the humidity would be an issue so I turned the fan on high and rainy hose to my bathroom to make use of the exhaust fan lmao it worked though :upside_down_face:

I downloaded the temp and humidity chart and watched her yesterday fpr 10 hours so I knew what temp what result in what humidity about. Def getting better . I just DL that app :blush:

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So I bought the T series not the S series then a controller. Will the app still work. I don’t think I have controller 67 or 69.

you probably have 67, look at the controller on the side and it will tell you

Sweet. Thanks again. I just got it yesterday. Right in time too. Ordered a small dehumidifier. Lowes and Walmart didn’t have any. I guess it’s not the season

Luckily I bought the 25 ft hose so I’m just circulating it though the apt.

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So they sent me a unc 529 with it :thinking::pensive:

Looking like I should have bought this then the controller

But I already ordered a filter and silencer so I’m gonna suck it up and wait til around may so I can this baby

it’s a great system in my opinion.

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