AC infinity cloudline fans

Does anyone have any experience with these?

It looks like they were released on amazon a few months ago, but no current listings. There are a handful of reviews though. So I ventured over to the Ac infinity web page, and it looks like they’ll be available for direct purchase soon.

Specs look pretty good from all offerings. Low operating cost, extremely quiet, and most importantly they come with a temp contoller. Prices are higher than a lot of the fans out there, but in line with the features.

Does anyone have one?

I don’t have a Cloudline but I did just install their dual 80mm with manual L M and H fan settings. I really like it - I’m using it in a Busch 30W media center which is acting as a mother/clone/seedling station. It’s very quiet and seems to exhaust an adequate amount of air.

Hope this helps.

William E. Edman

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Of course!

Just out of curiosity, do you feel like those fans could pull decent air with the static pressure of a carbon filter?

The dual 80mm one I got, I don’t think so. Mine is really just a slightly beefed up set of computer fans. Since the box they’re exhausting isn’t ever going to flower, there isn’t any order that isn’t masked by the basement musk.

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Thanks for an honest opinion. That’s why I was looking into the cloudline.

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Oh damn, I just googled the cloudline - definitely a different product than the ac infinity Airplate I got, lol. Sorry about that.

I definitely like the product though. Seems very well made and the fit and finish is excellent. The company seems to stand behind their stuff, too. Maybe you could call them and they’d give you some info or let you be a beta tester or something.

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No apology needed. I’m very appreciative of the feedback. I’ve heard that some of those axial type fans can pull through an oversized carbon filter quite well. Wasn’t sure if that was the case with these. Sounds like they fit for what you needed, and that’s always a good thing.

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And we meet again :joy: @dbrn32
Looking at the ac inifinity for the tent. 2x4x7
Wondering if the 4in will get the job done or if I need to stick with the 6. The vivson didn’t last but a year. Can’t complain when it’s only 69 bucks but the ac goes 90 and 120. Did you purchase one after making this post?

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I have cloudline t4, in my opinion you will be better off with 6" if you go ac infinity. The 4" model doesn’t seem to do well with filter on it. Otherwise it’s a nice little fan.

Also be sure that the way current model controls will work as you intend to use it. Based on some of members with newer fans, something like hyperfan with temp controller may be a better option.

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That’s what I was afraid of happening bc I have to use a filter. So the hyperfan is the upgrade with the automated temp and rh settings option?

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I did purchase the inkbird temp and rh meters for the 1st grow but that would be two less sensors I would have to hang and make adjustments with

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This guy right here is what you would want to control hyperfan.

are the controls no count that are included?

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They do. It’s just my understanding that newer T models is a start/stop function. As opposed to the hyperfan controller has a minimum fan speed that you can set to keep air moving regardless of temp setting.

If the ac infinity fan will fit your needs, then by all means. I would just get the 6" instead of 4". More or less wanted to point out that controller doesn’t work like most expect it to.


Oh ok, I understand now. Didn’t know it auto cut the fan off. I’d like it to keep running 24/7 in every stage. I wonder if they shut off with the cheaper package. Seems like they would not since the upgrade is the automated controls

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I’m pretty sure s model is speed control only, but I haven’t looked at them in a while. I just know a few of the members bought T models and were disappointed in that it worked differently than expected. To my understanding, their customer service is helpful. Maybe check with them?

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You guys… arrggggg. I was set on buying an ac infinity fan for the new room, but now of course, I’m looking at the hyperfan.

The controller you linked only does monitors heat though, correct?

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Yup, that’s correct.

I don’t seem to be able to find a controller for hyper fans that controls humidity. For my flowering room humidity is more of a concern than temperature.
Do you know if they make one?