AC Infinity Cloudline Fan Motor


I sure would like some feedback on this fan. Im thinking about scrubbing with it in a 5 x 5 tent. Thanks


I’ve never used one but have heard good things nothing bad anyhow


@Covertgrower is the guy you wanna talk to, has 6” model in 4x8 I’m pretty sure.

I have 4”. Super quiet, super efficient, and the built in temp controller is sweet!


@Dub hey there, and welcome to ILGM. I have the AC infinity 6” fan and it works very well. It moves a lot of air even at lower speeds, and doesn’t start to get really noisy until about the medium speeds. Most of the noise is the air movement. Especially on high. When you do mount it, be sure to use rubber bungee cords and suspend it, otherwise you’ll hear a hum.
I love this fan for the efficiency, the ability to move a lot air, and the automated temperature controller that comes with it. I’m satisfied with the purchase, and if I go ever go any bigger, I would happily get the larger fan they offer.
If you have any more questions, I’m usually around. Happy growing.
Thanks for the tag @dbrn32!


Thanks fellas


Its a grest fan and the features and control you get with the fan is great :+1: also its a sc motor so it’s quite :+1:
@Covertgrower has you covered


All of you,

I have purchased this product and going to take your advice. Thank you for helping me.

Now off to learn about C02 and closed systems as I’m going to be running a spyderx + with soft smart pots in a scrog method. Excited about it.


What did you drop on that puppy? If you don’t mind me asking?


Last I checked, they were running about 120-130 for the 6”. They’re the bee’s knees!


I spent 1400+ on it. Its still in the box as I set up rest. Also got the dimmer for it.I have heard that there is a whining sound to it when you dial it down. Guess we’ll find out soon.


Also, the Smart Pots cost a pretty penny even with soft pots. The valves cost the most and that’s cool.


On the spyderx or spyderx plus?

They’re good lights, I’m thinking price is biggest reason we don’t see more of them.

I think we could do a rip off of one of them too, but still a little too expensive for me to just build because I wanna see ya know.


That spyderx plus reminds me of the agromax infinity cobs. They sure are badass looking


They may look like they’re designed similarly, but that argomax light not even in the same ballpark of performance as the fluence lights.


I agree. I’m planning some quantum board builds at the moment for my expansion. I can’t wait to find out what those spyderx’s can do.