AC infinity 67 with new plug, possible?

I have an AC Infinity 67 controller, and really want to try the new plug

The UIS connector on this plug appears to male…
My controller is molex 4pin. But they sell this thing on Amazon…

Then theres this on Infinity’s site:

Does anyone here know if it’ll work? Ive asked the company, but they want me to BUY the 69 wifi… I have two 67 controllers that’ll be useless if i go that route(just yet).
Any help appreciated!

I am interested in buying some AC Infinity stuff. And after looking at their website it looks like you need the AC-ADQ3 adapter cord. They show it only connected to their speed controlled devices. It may not do just a digital on/off output to the auto rec. It would seem that AC Infinity could answer that simple question. Sorry the forum will not let me download a picture of it.
ADAPTER | UIS Port to Molex
LENGTH I 5.03 in.

Give me time to read and provide answer. I have 2x67, 1x69PRO and 1-Outlet75controller.

Give me time to read and provide answer. I have 2x67, 1x69PRO and 1-Outlet75controller.

The picture you show is for the OUTLET Controller 79, SMART CONtROLLER (Currently SOLD-OUT since 24 hrs after announcing availability Dec 22. I have not purchased one (yet) and can not speak to it, for sure. Regardless, I have just purchased my SECOND Outlet Controller 75, an hour ago.
79 not available currently.
75 available, currently
provides 1800 watt circuitry protection. Possibly two seperate 1800 or total, not sure).
Provides Bluetooth smartphone connectivity if close enough (25 feet or fewer walls).
Digital programming capable and independent software monitoring environment in lung room
Model 75 should be similiar to 79, except WiFi and detached plug recepticle.
MODEL 79 WiFi will not utilize 5G home router.
Model 79 will control 4 independent devices, IF they are AC-I connector compatible.
Model 69 Controller 69PRO WiFi connection compatible (2.4GHZ)
Model 75 can control two independent circuits. My application utilizes the 75 controller from wall power as digital programable circuit timer with protections for temp, rh, vpd, etc.
those seperate circuits can drive surge-power strips connecting devices. Lights partial or full.
The surge protection, temp monitoring and auto memory for restart afte power outage, make these controls necessary to protect grow from life. My answer. Now let me re-read your question and se if I got it, right. Missed BEAMS today, went off after BEANS.

Outlet Controller 75 can only function binary. ON/OFF.
Fans with seperate potentiometer control can be controlled for on/off ONLY with 75.
Subsequently speed control can be set withdial (potentiometer control) on fan power umbilical.
Circulating fans or inline fans also get only on/off control.

The analog dial-timer surge protector power strip with 6 outlets, fails often for multiple reasons. My fingers or eyes being the transgressors most often, Then PNW power issues. Too much goes wrong. Insurance AND BACK-UP protection, priceless for garden stability. All controllers have battery memory.

I think @CLICKYBONES wants to use the older 67 controller to control the newer UIS type smart outlet.


All of AC I product manuals pictorially show items included in Model identified.
Some purchases come with necessary connectors for integration of AC-I equipment, but sequential component purchases could become redundant or non-compatible for some functions.
WHAT do you want the Outlet controller for?

Not happening.
But this can

If she is holding out for WiFi, then No, also.
If BlueTooth, like her 67’s is OK this is the answer, I chose.
The Cloudline 67 controller will control two simultaneous devices, Identical/shared settings.
CLOUDLINE 67 is not UIS compatible, with the connectors I have.
The Cloudline 69 Pro will control four seperate or all together, programing control.
Outlet 75 controller has seperate programed control, as pictured.
And of course, different connectors for proprietary obsolescense.

If dongle connects to 67 controller and UIS to outlet, should work.
Outlet 79 sold out, still, today.
Component arriving as package sold (69PRO) contained a Dongle for T6 inline fan connecting 4pin molex interfaceing to UIS (allowed T6 fan connection to Cloudline 69PRO, with UIS channels 1-4)

@DEEPDIVERDAVE, thanks, for the answer.
I plan to buy the 75 controller, this will let me control a intake and exhaust fan both, on/off by temperature. And use the fan’s speed controls to obtain individual fan speeds, this will allow me to easily set the tent pressure to positive, negative, or equal.
Do I remember you recommending the AC Infinity fans? And stated that there is not much humming at reduced speed?

Yep… That’s the mystery I want answers for . Thank you all for your thoughts! I didn’t know the 75 existed.

I recommend all AC-I products, Some more than others.
The Vivosun 6 inch turbine drove me out of the lung room.
Then I found AC-I.
DC controlled motors are more efficient and economical.
AC (on full and short to ground for control. Like order a beer with 2 inched of head and poor it all off, plus half the beer glass.
The DC pulse controlled T6 works great. I actually have 1-T8.2-T6, and 2-A6. Two 4x4 tents.
Vetilation for the two tents can be remotely or on site dialed. Intake/Filtered exhaust, recycle or send to other tent. Both tents have exhausting filter. NO SMELL, NO TELL.
All are quiet at under 50% max. Most operations are speeds 1-4.
I sleep so much bettter with Cloudline controllers monitoring my tents and protecting them from extremes.

Cloudline Controller 69 better choice of controllers. 4 seperate or same program controls.
One Cloudline 67 Controller will control Two fans (Intake/Exhaust, with same control settings).
T4 Intake and T6 exhaust with same “speed” setting will still have negative tent pressure.
I bought a T8 and LARGE filter ($400. got controller 69Pro, T8 inline fan, humongous filter (keeps wife happy and no smell). Expansion potential, for sure. The outlet controllers have the unique function of controlling ALL tent power, for remote control and monitoring. Outlet controller is more reliable than analog dial surge protector device.
Yes, Initially i bought the Outlet 75 controller for controling the A6 fans (potentiometer dial controlled)
that would not connect to the 67 controllers. Worked fine as independent remote control for dial set fans.
On/Off control as advertised (used the fan’s speed controls to obtain individual fan operational speed).

Can you you run two different fan speed outputs at the same time with the 69? I like to use fan speeds in and out in order to balance air flow through the tent.

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Pictured 69Pro is top box in picture on phone. Temp/RH Probe/VPD displayed ( ROW show 57.3 63.1 and 0.34, respectively). Individual Programs operating for PORT 1 (T8 filtered exhaust device auto control, speed 1). Second individual device (T6, inline fan, Input for 48x48x6.5, feeding T8 exhaust and filter) under 69pro control is on Port 2 (also, independently configured, programed, and just happens to be set on speed 1). Third device (UIS connected fan} , Port 3, Set speed 3. Port 4 no connection.

Second box Cloudline 67 controller
Third box Controller 75

How do your fans control speed?
What mfg fans?

Thats how I roll, too.

This the only picture of the 4 inch fans that I am presently using that I have. It is a petty good fan, but the speed controllers are the cheap $25.00 ones.
I am getting a 5x5 tent. So I am thinking that two T6s with speed controls, and controlled by the 75 controller to cycle on/off by temperature will be the simpler way to go. I really don’t need or want the Wi-Fi or phone interface. Also my need to change fan speeds will be more seasonal than daily.

Yes, 69 (Bluetooth) s 4 independent programs
No, 67 (Bluetooth) can not run two seperate programs,
Yes, the 67 can run two molex connected devices.
Don’t know if the 69 is UIS or not.
69PRO is only UIS.

I finally gave in, ordered, recieved, and installed a 69 pro wifi a few days ago… VERY impressive with AC’s plug units (order direct, they have em)
The VPD setting with a plug to the humidifier is exactly what I’ve been asking about! I set it at 0.90(early veg) continuous on, and it adapts humidity to whatever the temperature circumstances arise. Brilliant!

I am awaiting the “OUT OF STOCK” UIS/HLG350R-RJ11-Dimmer control cable, AC-ADL8-Type B.
Super to have worry free control. Wish WiFi worked, without another device or hole in wall.
Hope you’re as happy with the Cloudlines as I Am. I am also blown away by HLG and my new light meter.
Oscillating fan and Outlet controller 75, arrived today.

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AC-Infinity product UIS dongle AC-ADL8 type B

UK seller for UK shipping only
Canada seller for Canada
USA ???