AC Infinity 6" filter

Looking at this filter vs a can-lite. Has the ac infinity been working out so far?

My AC Infinity has been going strong for about 7 grows now. Bearings have a life expectancy of 67,000 hours. Great fan so far. @Redglade


I appreciate the response, thanks! But I should have clarified in the last sentence that I was asking about the ac infinity filter. It’s cheaper by a large margin than the can filters I’ve been eyeing, but there aren’t a lot of reviews on it, and you do get what you pay for.

@Redglade there was a post on AC infinity filters, and I believe the person that posted it just bought it, I’m sure it works well, but I don’t think they’ve posted a review on it yet. I’ll have to find the post.

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@Covertgrower Yes, this was the post where I asked my question. They posted this about two months ago, so I was looking for an update on it.
I’m not real familiar with this forum, but I remember hitting reply for the original post. It doesn’t seem to show where I posted the question… did I do it wrong?

Not sure what you did there, but you can always tag someone @Covertgrower and they are better able to respond.
I haven’t seen a follow up either, but I’m sure it’s working well. If they had anything to say negative about it, they would have posted that quick! @Redglade

@MoneyPit I was looking to get an ac infinity filter myself, but I was wondering how yours is doing so far. There aren’t a whole lot of reviews out yet for it!

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Yeah thinking about grabbing a back up filter just in case my vivosun stops working.

Resurrecting a zombie thread. I used a Vivosun filter for about a year with no issues at the end I was getting some odor but the filter was a year old so not so bad. I reconfigured my tent moving any unnecessary heat generating items to the outside. I figured let me get a new filter and everything would be good. Bought the AC Infinity 6’ carbon filter because it got pretty good reviews. Not impressed at all, the Vivosun did a better job of controlling odor than this one does. Plants are just starting to flower and I can smell the odor outside my house anywhere near the exhaust window. I’d say stay clear of AC Infinity filter if you need to be stealth.
Vivosun has an updated version of their 6" filter that gets excellent reviews so I ordered one of those. I’ll post my opinion once it’s set up and running.