AC Infinity 4x4 Grow tent

I love my new 4x4 grow tent. I chose it because it has zippered side doors. That allows me not only access to the front but also to both sides. I can reach in there to check plants, adjust lights. Well designed. So far light proof. Kudos to AC for their great design!


Do you have their Cloudline Controllers?

Nice. I’m using a tent for the first time, but not that brand. I love it compared to the closet I used to use.

Very well made! I have the 5x5 and love it.

2x2 was my first closet size. Apollo 4x4x6.5 nicer (one more top vent and better non-stick zippers than Vivosun same size tent with thicker material and sticking zippers).

No, I don’t have a controller. have an acinfinity 4 inch fan on my 4x2x8 tent. I have an 8” fan on this one that I transferred from another tent. When it dies I plan on replacing it with an AC infinity fan, filter, and controller. But since I just bought lights I am hoping the noisy inefficient thing I have now keeps running!

Dang my 2x4 is an Apollo too! I wish they were still in business. That tent is a great little tent. No zipper issues, no light leaks.

After over 30 years of wanting to grow I finally just got my first grow kit. I also went with the ac infinity line. 5x5 with cloud line t-6 inline but went with the growers choice roi-e720 led with growers choice master controller, active air regulator for CO2 tank and autopilot controller. Just went into veg with a few zkittlzz fem from ilgm. Have girl crush and made of honor from twenty20 Mendocino in germ now. Waiting for some clone of blue dream from local licensed grower to. Hope mine ends up nice like the the ones in your pics. Just transplanted the better one into gallon mesh yesterday.

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AC_Infinity Cloudline Controller provides opportunity for external monitoring and controlling Infinity S/T fans.
AC-Infinity Cloudline Bluetooth #67 will control 2 fans (same settings).
#69 Bluetooth will control 4 devices with independent programing and Newest #69 is WiFi enabled.

I sleep nights (almost) knowing my tents have temperature protection monitoring 24x7.
Balancing temps and fans is interesting.
Good growing to you

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AC-Infinity Cloudray Oscillating fans? I just ordered one.

I thought about it, but I have a tower fan with a small footprint that oscillates. If I were going to buy a smaller fan I would definitely strongly consider ACInfinity. They seem an excellent brand. I have kind of given up on clip on oscillating fans. They die young.:v:

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Do I see right? Are you using fabric grow bags? I really like them for any kind of soil grow. The only issue I had was trying to track run-off. I ended up putting 10x20 trays under them. I have seen many better solutions since then.

Great setup! Glad to see you starting out right.

The advantage is they drip the overwatering, instantly.
Disadvantage, drip causew water spills and drip pans are a pain.
Dollar Store automotive plastic oil pan fits 5 gal bags.
Home Depot Water heater drip pans up to full tent floor.
Labor of love

Yeah I got 5 of the 1 gallon and 5 of the 5 gallon that came with the kit I ordered from LED grow light Depot. Also came with 2 large bags of sohum soil.

Learning new and helpful things all the time. Thanks!