AC Infinity 2x2x4 Tent Kit

So I’ve been so far growing my first plant in an AC Infinity tent kit. Right now I have the lighting set to auto on/auto off (18/6) light cycle. I’m having trouble with trying to turn up the light intensity! I know how to but when I do it screws up the whole light cycle “on” progress (and off). Is there any way possible to turn the light up on an AC Infinity without it messing up the 18/6 auto on/off light cycle? This is for anyone who has this set up and has an answer. Trying to keep her on a tight light schedule without having to reset the time.

You are the only cat I know on the boards with an ac infinity light. Ac infinity prolly has a customer service line if you cant find help on that here.


This is probably something I should had done before posting, but wanted to see if anyone on here had experience with these grow systems. I love the system and has made the process beyond easy. But better question for customer service :joy:

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They didnt have lights when I started out or id have got my whole setup from them.

My plant is loving the light it came with

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Put the light on cycle… not auto