AC/Exhaust questions

Hello, this is going to be my first grow. I will be growing 6 plants in a 10x5 tent.
But the question i have is regarding the AC to keep my temps down.
Ive been reading temps and humidity past couple days WITHOUT lights or anything growing inside.
It is hot out here in California.
My low/high temp wise is 72F/90F, and my humidity low/high is 24rH/36rH INSIDE the tent.
I know when i have lights and other stuff on and also plants growing in the tent, these numbers will be way higher.
I’m wanting to get a 12000BTU portable AC unit/Dehumidifier.
My question is if i should be cooling the whole room that the tent is in down, so that the tent will intake this cooler air, and exhausting to outside through the window, or if i should be cooling the tent itself and exhausting it into the room.
My concern is if i exhaust into the room, would that not be counterproductive as my intake fans will be intaking this warmer air that the ac is exhausting into the room.
Or that if im cooling the whole room the tent is in down, will it be enough to cool down the temps inside the tent with the cooler air it is intaking.
Another note, my exhaust fan for the tent is exhausting into the room, and with the way stuff is set up, im not sure if ill be able to also vent that to the outside.

If anyone can help me and give me some insight that would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Use the room to control environment. Also kee9s space in tent for plants while all the ac and stuff is in room outside of tent. They call this a lung room.

I vent my tent into an adjacent room. Some people vent to outside or attic


Will depend on the lights, I bought the AC you want maxed it to 60f and the temp dropped 3 degrees in the tent. But I used a hps light do I switched to leds and finally temp is good. But for me the AC didn’t help much.

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I decided to go with LED because of the lower heat output, as it has been pretty hot our here.
Did you have the AC inside the tent or did you have it in the room the tent is in?

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Just wanted to tell you that AC cost me more than the lights.

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Thank you so much for your input, i greatly appreciate it. Definitely will be trying to control the temp of the whole as to just trying to control the tent.

Yeah, the AC that I’m looking at is more than double than the price of my lights. :sweat_smile:

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Wow what ac are you looking at ?
My lights were a ton compared to an ac

My room stays below 82 without ac and I have 3 led lights in tent. Just vented through to next room that has ac in window. I keep the room door open during day (lights on) and close room door at night.

the AC im looking at is about $400.
i probably should’ve said its more than double the price of ONE light xD
As i payed about $150 for each light (i am going to be using 2 1200w)

I run my lights at night, to try and help with heat

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