Ac dehumidifier in one?

Are their portable ac unites that dehumidifiy and ac at same time I have a three in one with pump but u can run only one function at a time is their one that will do this all in one :point_up:

I run a dehumidifier that pumps out hot air and then an ac that pumps cold air so if I don’t run both gets to hot :hot_face: run both can get humidity down to 35 percent or 45 for that matter


What does your Rh run if you have just the AC going?


Most ac units remove moisture from air as byproduct of cooling process. My personal opinion of portable units is that they’re not very good for most indoor growing applications. Maybe if you got a quality unit that has intake, output and exhaust separated would be alright. But a ductless split unit or even window unit would be more suitable.


65 percent

That’s where I was going with that one, if you’re running ac it should drop your Rh.

I ran my entire grow last year at 60-65% humidity. I didn’t want to mess with the dehumidifier. I just kept plenty of air flow going and didn’t have any issues at all.


I agree. Obviously nobody wants to deal with mold, but dropping rh as low as possible isn’t the best way to go.


This gives me some hope!
Im running my current grow between 55 to 75% RH, as i don’t have any way to condition the air beyond good ventilation and a few pounds of desiccant (calcium chloride i think this is)…
On average, since i placed 2x 500 gr desiccant bags inside the tent and another outside in the room, my RH dropped (on average) around 10 to 15%…
Im still getting 80 % peaks during lights out…

I had no problems with my last grow at 78 55 humidity but I dropped to 74 and 55 and seems to now be a problem ……

Can you bring your temp up some without bringing the Rh over 60-65%?

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Yea the hotter I go the less humidity

Are you running with the tent doors open ? If so consider ditching the tent and painting the walls white

Try to get your temps back up to 78-82 or so.

80% with lights out will really invite mildew and mold.

I bought one of those portable air cond. they suck, they suck air out of the room & pump it outside. So the air that it just cooled & air from the rest of the house is pumped out. You have to remove the vent tube to use it as a dehumidifyer & it heats up the room ALOT. never did try the heat pump part but I bet it sucks too. Wasted money is what they are.

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