AC/DC seed source?

I have been growing AC/DC for three years to get the highest CBD strain I could find. It is suppose to be 22% CBD to 1% THC. I have had to drive to Oregon to get clones and would like to find a source for these clones in WA state or find a source for seeds. I would be happy to grow a commercial hemp for the CBD source as well but only find sources that sell to licensed commercial growers, I am Medically licensed for Washington State. So far I am unsuccessful. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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@Hogmaster is very helpful :+1:


Your request is tough to accomplish due to forum policy and security.

I will see if I can figure out how to connect you with someone but, I will have to reach out and get permission to share info to you.

I have a friends in Wa. that are doing great work attempting to produce smokable hemp.

Meanwhile. Please read the ILGM forum policy so as not to get anyone in trouble. Thanks. lw ! admin

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Thank you! I read those rules when I first joined over a year ago but forgot to check them for this post. Sorry for the transgression. Should I delete this post?


Love the song… made me smile this afternoon. Thanks

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Not at this time. I am changing emails due to a hack of my hosting site and I am trying to keep up with my interactions. My new email has yet to resolve in the system because, I did not get notice you replied. I may PM you in the near future. Might take a few days. Everyone is so…almost too busy to even answer phone calls.

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Tell you what. I can make this topic invisible to others if you would like.

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That is fine for me. I even found seeds online,

Thanks for your help,

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@latewood is a great help you got the Man helping you now @kolive


@kolive I don’t have a source for AC/DC but I do know one strain that is supposed to contain 23% CBD.

My source doesn’t have any of in stock but it’s from Garden of Green Super Critical Bud CBD.

I haven’t grown it yet but it does sound amazing. I’m waiting for the seeds to hit my door.

Thank you! I will check it out.

I just checked it. High CBD for sure but also high THC which my wife cannot do. Too bad.

Have you seen the new CBD seeds we have now