AC Contoller 69 questions

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I’m considering getting an AC Infinity controller version 69. The one that runs wifi and 4 ports. I’m sure there’s a few growmies out there that have them. I’m curious about range. As in distance… How far can these things be from a hub and still lasso? I’m quite the distance from the house, and need to work out the technicals before taking the leap.
Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated!!

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Use your Phone to test strength x distance or buy a repeater/extender or a shitty old router and hack it into a repeater. I forget the software I used until I get home, I have repeaters in the Garage, garden shed, basement etc. I’m 50 miles away at work and I can control my tent via wifi from here. 69Pro Wifi/BT model.

Remembered, Its DD-Wrt


Maybe @Newt ?

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Mine is Bluetooth, which covers my entire house - but I have a small house.


I’ll clarify. The phone app connects to the Wifi in my office(50mi away), then connects me via the internet and ACI redirect/routing to my controller on my grow Wifi. Typical of all these gizmos, like the my Pulse Pro …but deserved a clarification note.

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A repeater is definitely needed for this task

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