Absolutely no discipline with buying seeds, lol

If I ever get to the point of breeding seeds and new strains i shall name my fist strain - “No Discipline” !

Ain’t no cure for that disease!
This time last year before legal growing here, I had ZERO strains.
Less than a year later I have 25+ strains available by opening the fridge!!
And the quest has yet to subside!

Happy Collecting Everyone!!!


Yes failed fusion is much fun but I’ll take it. I would have been in a W/C for life. Many doctors look @ me like how do you fuction? I just do. Also been a couple of car wrecks and the back is ok even though i hurt each day. My Lord helps me.and growing weed makes life easier. Thanks for your offer


I’ve got some feminized photos I’d tried.

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The first way to address seed addiction is to admit you have a problem!


Yes… It’s step one… Control is step 2.


Agree. Second step is staying off the buy seeds page! Lol. Although, if they come up with a Green Crack auto, I might have a relapse.


Hate to push you into a relapse, but Fastbuds has a killer Green Crack Auto! Sorry, lol.


Sooo… Today’s been tough… Greenpoint sent out a newsletter alerting of new hybrid strains they’ve developed with… Runtz and Apple Fritter…(last released was feminized Animal Cookies S1 and a bunch of tasty hybrids of it) Plus they’ll have Feminized F1, 2 or S1 seeds of Runtz and Apple Fritter.

Soo… The next month or so is going to be (great) … I mean rough. :unamused:

My internet speed sucks… Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on some free testers when they release…so far they have “sold out” on the free testers before I can get successfully logged in. But they take heavily discounted pre-orders… So… Yay…

Then there’s still Fruity Pebbles. Mmmmm.