Absolutely no discipline with buying seeds, lol

So I have over 100 ILGM auto seeds in my safe. Bruce Banner, Zkittlez, Wedding Cake, Banana Kush, and GDP. Also have about 50 or so Mephisto seeds. Strawberry Nuggets, Mango Smile, and 3WOK-OG. Aside from them, I still have close to another 100 seeds from other breeders that I don’t really have much confidence in anymore. Matter of fact, I don’t think I want to grow anything but ILGM and Mephisto autos anymore, although I will say Expert Seeds have also been pretty good for me. Anyway, I’ve said many times that I’m not going any further in debt for more seeds that I don’t need. I only grow 12 plants at a time, so I’m already sitting on years worth of great seeds, but here I am planning on trying to get a 7 pack of Forum Stompers from Mephisto this coming Monday. It’s like a damn addiction, I can’t help myself!


I know I picked thru our weed in jars from the outside grow got some seeds. I now know someone around our nieghborhood grew weed this summer and the had males, cause the males stuck on a ravaged my girls a bit. And left me some Skittle seeds.so they in the soil and see it they grow in the tent?


I hear you, I’ve never grown outdoors myself, but it sucks that a stranger so far away can have an impact on your plants.


I am with you @Cap_Ron It will take me years to grow out the seeds I have now. Kind of like a kid in the candy store when it comes to seeds.
Good luck my friend !


Oh what a tangled web we weave when we ignore bills to buy seeds…

I get it.
I am officially a seed hoarder slash mad scientist. I always reserve the right to make ridiculous strains…I look at it as the flavor wheel, or an arsenal.
Do I have Citrus? Check. Do I have Berry? Check. Woodsy/Earthy? Yup! and so on…

SL out.


My name is FieFie920 I tooo am a… Seedaholic.

I have 100 strains of 5-20 or more seeds of each from ILGM, Weedseedsexpress, Aficionados of Colorado, Greenpoint Seeds, DIYthegreenlife, and Clone Conservatory.

Unfortunately… :wink:… I still… Neeeed… Runtz and Fruity Pebbles. What is a science nut weed lover to do? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice to know someone more seriously afflicted than myself, lol!


@Cap_Ron :pensive: Thank you for starting the group… First step is admitting the problem… Check…

Well that was easy…all healed…


Sounds like you need to get those seeds in dirt as that’s way more than a years worth if growing only twelve plants a round.

You can always give some to your IlGM homies! Mephisto Skywalker sounds good


Plant them in pots around the house if autos.
A freind of mine has at least 1 in every house Plant around his house. And small pots every where with autos in them.
Doesn’t get much from any one Plant but he’s got 30 of them I bet . Grows outside in season but house’s covered in little trees :rofl:


@Cap_Ron @Fiefie920 @kellydans @Slug_Life a couple of weeks ago I dropped 2 out of three seeds I bought. Stepped on one, found it ,planted one ,its growing, the basement floor has everything around it all looks like seeds. So last night I am like a man on a mission stand in one place looking for a seed. Touching all roundlike dirt,stuff,but I found the seed I lost now bean is in soil. Msn I was happy. Now grow baby baby grow.


@spudeater65 Nice… This grow got iff to a bad start… I usually soak seeds in water with a cap full of hydrogen peroxide for 24-48 hours… Then into a damp paper towel kept in a sandwich baggy… Anyway… I usually plant in rapid rooters once there’s a nice tail… With all my seeds… I have so far gotten a 100% germination rate… So… I got cocky… And didn’t follow my own procedures.

The BTY OG seeds must be F1… They were quick… Rather than waiting on the GSC I rushed them… Then… Kept it up… Ahhhhhhhhh! I ended up wasting 3 GSC seeds…

I took a breathe… (j/k)… And started over on the GSC this time with patience… Reward! They popped! Back on track…

The water jugs help keep a stable temp… As well it keeps the water warm for watering… My basement is cold AF.


I get it. My seed collection will outlive me.


Basement is 64-66 ,tent runs 75-78 . So it took me awhile to adjust with the new light, learning how to setup heater outside tent and draw heated air thru passive vent. Now it’s a water/dry feed wait. I want to get some red worms to add to each fabric pot.helps they say. And I need all the help I need down there.


@spudeater65 With the 4x4 I keep the radiator heater and humidifier in the tent… Outside I keep a dehumidifier 70 pt with a drain hose… With all the inkbird controllers and Bluetooth govee hygrometers, and mini vid cameras I can watch and not have to run down the stairs so much… Read you bio… OA… Sorry man… I have herniated all my discs in my lumbar and had spinal separation a L3-L4… While driving over train tracks… On my way to a scan on a 2 hour drive… Still not the same after surgery… Plus the degenerative discs i might as well be 100. I have spent alot of time and money simplifying my grow…just for easy and comfort.

Good luck… Hit me up if you need anything. Above you…even at prices… Still luckier than up here.


@spudeater65 What’s your new light?

@Fiefie920, I don’t know how warm the inside of your grow space is, but if those jugs get too warm you don’t want to water with them. 68° F is a perfect temperature for watering the root zone. The oxygen level in the water goes down as it gets warmer. Anything above the low 70’s is going to make it more difficult for your plants to take in nutrients.

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@Cap_Ron Thank you… I will be sure to monitor… The water was about 50F without it… I have to bring in RO water from the store… So it’s precious.

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Well I managed to resist yesterday and not buy any Mephisto seeds. I was disappointed to see the next drop doesn’t include any of the strains I was really hoping for, so I’ll probably be good next time as well. I’m waiting on 50 Shades of Grape, and Sour Stomper!
Anyone grown either of those before?

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@Cap_Ron Nice control… Is step two…

I also displayed… Step two… Greenpoint started a daily rotating reverse auction of 3+ strains… Seeds get pretty cheap… Plus my desire to attain feminized Runtz…it’s a struggle.

Good luck!

You’ve earned your coin…