Absolute maximum yield in a 3x3 tent running Autos. Blurples Vs HLG in all seriousness

Hey dudes,

Ice here. So I wanted to create a new topic that I think a lot of 3x3 tent growers will dig. My goal is to get the highest yield possible in a 3x3 tent… in the fastest amount of time running autos.

Experiment #1: Amenesia Haze Auto (ILGM)

7 gallon pot
HST: None
LST: Started bending and tucking at 8” tall in Veg.

Soil: FFOF from seed
Nutes: FFOF Big Bloom & Tiger Bloom
Powder Nutes: Beastie Bloom
& Cha Ching.

1 week flush.

Lights: haha this is the funny thing. I run blurples.

Over head light:
Bestva Reflector series 2000 LED. Real wattage is 401 watts from wall. Full spectrum both switches

Side light: Sunraise 1000 LED. Real wattage 135 from wall. Full spectrum

Total wattage from blurples: 536 watts in a 3x3.

This was Shelly. Dry weight… 11 ounces. 1 plant with just LST.

Check out my current grow journal. Same exact set up but I Fimmed the auto. This is Misty at day 35 from…::… SEED.

So my question for all of you talented mofos is do I get an HLG 360 even though I’m getting close to 500 watts full spectrum on my Blurples? How much will my yield truly improve?

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Btw. Those were only half the jars for cured dry weight. I sold the other 6 ounces to finish my drywall in my basement.


Ask @Hellraiser what he does in 3x3 with hlg-550 i would say.


@Hellraiser wassup brother


Hey brother, I typically pull over 20 oz with a HLG 550 rspec running around 500 wats in a 3x3 without even trying and when trying for max yield came close to 2 pounds (30.5 oz) with some Gorilla Glues. I was also using a HLG 135 rspec for under lighting on the max yield run so was pushing closer to 650 watts total. I usually run 4 plants topped and vegged for 8 weeks or more and flowered in 7 gal fabric pots using Advanced Nutrients til recently. But I run photos, not autos.

I fill the tent wall to wall and 5 feet tall.


Thanks for sharing @Hellraiser! I think I’m sold on the HLG 550. I’m going to finish out this auto then grab that light.

For my next run in my 3x3 I’m either going to do 4 plants in 5 gallon pots with a scrog set up.


9 plants in 3 gallon square pots and do the SOG.

In my thoughts I actually think the Sea of Green might be best with Autos.


I don’t think that there is anything wrong with “burples”, it is just that most folks don’t have enough of them to get the job done. They are generally less efficient than some of the higher end lights but if you get the light intensity that is needed, they will do a great job.


Thanks man. Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. 500 watts of blurple in a 3x3 seems to work.

I agree with everyone though that trying to document your grows with blurple lights is not pleasing to the eye. I try and make the pictures as good as I can but when I walk down to my tent every night it is just kind of an annoying color to look at.


When I was still running purple lights, I had a white “work” light that I would turn on (purples OFF) for photography.

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What light do you run now?

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I have a combination of COB’s and ChiLogic totaling over 2000 watts in a 5 X 8 growing area. I tend to really blast my plants with light. I set the light height and arrangement using a PAR meter targeting ~900 uMoles/m^2/sec.

Here is a link to the update that I did today:


If yield is your metric, maybe look at running photoperiod plants. Either feminized or even better : female.

The biggest issue with blurples is less efficiency compared to high end LED’S. I normally run between 25 and 30 watts per square foot compared to over 50 like you are running now. If electrical costs don’t bother you then no great reason to change.


Thanks @Myfriendis410

I bought a 10 pack of auto gorilla glue from ILGM.

Misty is the first seed. So I think I’m gonna just run the other 9 next grow and do sea of green in smaller pots. Then move back to photos.

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Good yeilds but yes the efficiency will be increased.
You cna save the other lights and build another setup or sell em and keep one for vegging.
Looks like your have decided to make a good choice though.


So the 550 fits in a 3x3? Hmm doesnt that light cover 5x5 ? Just curious

Id buy the 550 and run the blurples for seedlings/ early veg or clones. The difference in plant bulk with the superior lifht will be obvious.


Yes, the 550 easily fits in a 3x3, would be a bit weak for a 5x5 and pretty good for a 4x4 and awesome in a 3x3.

Check out the light setup in my 3x3 flowering tent now:

That’s a HLG 550 rspec and a HLG 260 rspec and 2 HLG UVA 30’s.


Good god man! Thats like an easy bake oven in there! Puts the sun :sun_with_face: to shame! Trump would definately wabt to lay in there for a while!


Nah, he uses spray


LOL, yes, it’s ridiculous how bright it is and the double UVA lamps is making my buds white with layers on top of layers of trichs.