Abouttime's 3rd grow with a summer twist

Hi Everyone! Things are going smoothly here. Had a gnat problem that showed up but I’ve been aggressive in dealing with it. Bergmans Pest control sprays every day before lights out. Tops, bottoms, all over. I wiped down every branch and offshoots for three or four days now. I had blue tape along side the light that showed my progress with them and now after changing them out yesterday, theyre all clear today. I’ll hit again in the morning before lights go out just to be sure. I’m going to put her in the dark for two days starting tomorrow with an ice bath each day and see how she reacts. Amber trichs are all over at this point and some leavea are starting to turn black after another 10 gal flush with sledgehammer and 6.3 water. Her runoff was 6.5 and ppms down to 300 so she’s starting to get ready for the C H. O. P… shh. Shes right here…

Early on in flower when I brought her in the house and put her under the QB 280 etc… I had to bend her main cola to keep her low enough from the light. I didnt tape her or anything or use ointments to the break like honey. I just tied the branch to the light to keep the weight off and after a week or so she toughend up so well I then had to tie her DOWN to the pot to keep her from springing back up to the light. Bud production skyrocketed after.

Here’s an update and pics on my Autos.
The White Widow CaliforniaSnow seedlings.

And The ILGM Amnesia Haze.

The GG#4 at about 35 days, still growing, stalk has doubled in thickness tho its a little girl shes allready at about 18" tall from the soil.

The White Widow is about 22" tall so far and about the same age at 35 days.

Both get 10ml of FF per gal. added to water and ph’d to 6.3 every other watering. No signs of flower yet so they’re gonna get big and there gonna continue to get the GrowBig until they go into flower for 10 days or so. They are setting off a bunch of side branches.
Thanks for tunin in!
Have a pleasant evening!
…“its time to Ramble On”


Hello all, Todays update features a harvest!
The Summer Twist Blackberry Kush clone from an ILGM Mom, has been chopped down and hung to dry. She started way back in April or so as 1 of 5 different clones, and she was the only one that made it this far. None of the others took for me.
Here she is hanging in my 20"×36"x60" tent. I have permission to keep it a room in the house for the dry period. And then it has to come down…lol

She smelled great before the chop. She had made a ton of new trichs over the past week under the stress of the stalk split and the multiple ice baths. She was in flower around 63 days and was 60/40 with amber.
The colas are super hard as I dropped humidity to 40% during the last month of flower.
I clipped all the fan leaves and left everything else on. Its pretty dry around here so Im hoping that by hanging it whole, it will slow down the dry. The 4" exhaust fan is on, pulling air from the half open doors at the bottom of the tent for some circulation.

The auto girls are coming along fine. Everyone survived their quick transplants without missing a beat. The two Whitewidow/California seedlings are now plants and making new leaves and nodes daily.
They are around 19 days above the soil. Wife says they look like lettuce!

This is the Amnesia Haze. She’s at about 15 days and she is no longer a seedling either IMHO.

The best for last today. The oldest Autos are doing well. They’re about to get a FF Bloom/cal mag feeding. Here’s the Gorilla Glue #4. (I wish I did 2.)
She’s at 39 days today.

The White Widow is also at 39 days. They both have a ton of 12 finger fan leaves.

12 finga fan leaves. Pretty cool.

Hope everyone adjusted thier timers for daylight savings. Have a great Sunday.


First off congratulations on your harvest! She looks awesome :grin:

Your two older autos look like freaking bushes lol very nice!!

Haha they do :grin:


Happy daylight savings day lol


Thanks @missiles, I’m anxious to see your supercropping attempts.
I cropped her bottomm early in flower and she recovered quickly. Could have done more but I didnt want to risk it later in flower. I’m getting great results with the LST I do and with some more cropping later on before the flip they should really get some phat colas!
Have fun and don’t forget to breathe!


Hello fellow growers, All good here, The BBK is dryig comfortably tho its been real dry here and humidifier is working overtime but I cant the tent any where near 50 even. Im probably going to paper bag it all and that should slow it up a bit if I bundle it into two bags and then trim up in a few more days.
The girls are doing well. They have my ful attemtion now but really theyre doing their thing.
A family pic below. No signas of flower yet on the GG4 or the WW (left and right in the pic). The Amnesia Haze seedling is now a plant even too. Doing well just ph’d water lately. And the WW/CS’s are humming along. Their leaves are now extending to the edges of the 3 gal pots so the root structure has definetly grown as well.

Happy growing everyone and have a smokey night!


Hi guys, quickie. The BBK is jarred up and came out great. Early taste tests are inconclusive yet. Shes smooth tho. So another couple of weeks and we should be golden.
The Autos are kickin it and giving me problems with space. Im gonna have to get the wife something so I can loosen her up to letting me putting back up the other tent. Geez…
Here they are.

The GG4

The WW/CS 's and Amnesia Haze.

And a family photo

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Wow you are getting cramped for space in there. Them girls are bushy :grin: have a great Saturday @abouttime :wink:


I set up the other tent @missiles, I threw the Amnesia Haze and one of the White Widow /California Snow in it with a china blurple. I does pretty well up to the finish it seems, but the last few weeks the plants Ive grown dont seem to like it. So far everything that grew under the QB has come out too notch and the ones that grew under the various chna blurps I have were just okay. I’ll put them under the QB to finish when the other girls are done. I’m digging your grow too girl!


Hi everyone, A quick update.
The White Widow is transitioning into flower. Shes still getting her FF GrowBig with some sea kelp and cal mag.

Heres a shot of her stalk and branch structure.

The GG4 is also going into flower. Shes about 2 days behind I think.
Shes a littke shorter but lots of cola sites.

In the tent getting whatever light she can get is one of the Whitewidow/california snow’s

Shes still growing and she got her first GrowBig boost along with her siblings. The other two have been moved to another tent under a china blurple and they dont like it so far. They stopped growing now since I put them in. I’m hoping they pick it again or else these will be miniatures.

The BBK summer twist is curing. Its been a week and it getting better now. Did another smoke test and its starting to perk up. Smooth smoke so far and caught a nice uplifting buzz off a spliff I had earlier.
Thats it for now folks. Peace.


They look great @abouttime :wink:


Thanks @Gremmall, great to hear from you. How ya makin out overthere?


The hot/cold- freezing/warm ever changing weather has given me a cold or something. I have been coughing up a storm since last Wednesday. On a plus tho, coughing is good for your abs lol.


Wasnt sure if I should like a post that says your sick?!?.
I dont want to you to think I’m happy that your under the weather! Lol… Aww man sorry to hear that. Here in the Northeast (nyc) old man winter is starting to show up here too. Too effin cold and too fast!
Feel better and get well soon.

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I feel perfectly fine I just have a terrible cough…mom finally beat me down and I started taking something yesterday. Its breaking up now i think…I toss my likes out early so I’m out but thanks for the well wishes :grin:


You’re doing so good bro! Fat stalks! Big roots big fruits! :grin::green_heart::seedling:

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Hi Guys, @missiles, @Beezy745, @Gremmall, @dbrn32, @blackthumbbetty, @PurpNGold74, and welcome to my grow page, another quickie report. The Blackberry Kush is turning into a success. I couldn’t be more happy since Im running low on my Super Skunk and LA Cake. I’d like to save a little bit of them. So I got 5 jars, prob 7 zips of bud. The rest is saved for a bubble hush. Not bad for my 1st clone that vegged outside over the summer and finished under my QB.

Got my wife nice on a couple of pulls last night and I had the rest. Its real smooth and the berry flavor is starting to really come around.
Cant wait for a 420 Friday!!
Have a great days folks!


Hell yeah nice :+1: glad to hear the wife is enjoying it also :wink:


Not bad for a first clone indeed!!! Blackberries are my favorite so that’s a strain very high on my list to try…well done sir :cowboy_hat_face:


Awesome news, good job!