Abouttime's 3rd grow with a summer twist

Your alot better at describing it than me bro…lol…but yeah, it hits those notes I would say. It’s def dank and more dank than the Monster Gelato…she’s more of candy store smell rt now.


Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. You would never know that Fireworks are illegal in NYC…if you were in NYC…

Here’s this weeks update, Thankfully with plenty of stash, I don’t have to go running to chop anyone before it’s time, so the Vader and Monster Gelato are still going as I’m waiting on just the right amount of amber. I will say they are soooo close.
Here are the girls this morning before I left for work. I put em outside today as no rain is in the forecast but it’s hot and a little on the humid side here in NY.
The Cheese and GG4 autos are filling in nice

The Cheese

The GG4

The Monster Gelato auto

The Vader OG in the tent at lights out this morning

Tonites it for her…9 weeks from flip.

The clone and new test girls are doing well.
They’re all over in the yard.

This is the Citral Glue clone.

The small pair of plants in pots and the little guys in starter cups are all from hermied seeds. I still have to up pot the last 3 but they may go to some people who want to try thier hand.
Either way I gotta find out what they are since I got seeds from the Sour Diesel auto and the Stracciatella photo. Im wondering if they crossed or whatever they are…only one way to find out for me… grow em… so they popped easily and we’ll know soon enough. I’m gonna force em in 2 weeks to show and then either kill em or I’ll put em back in the yard to finish.

Peace everyone.


I love your plant filled deck. It looks like an excellent chill spot :heart_eyes:
The girls are looking great. That one pic looks like you were cruising while taking the pic :grin: :v::green_heart:


Yep I moved to quick this morning…I noticed it too after I posted it…lol…so …im a little burnt!!! Your surprised??? :crazy_face:
Yeah, it’s a cool little backyard…no kids so it’s all for entertaining and chillin’.
Gotta show ya my fig trees. They’re probably 25 years old. 13th year with me and at least that many at my moms house. I’ll get some shots later this evening and post. I’ve given a bunch of clones over the years and she has sisters all over Long Island.
Have a great day!!


I’m looking forward to it. I have what I think is an ornamental plum. It was here when I moved in. It looks like a plum tree and flowers like one but I don’t really know for sure what it is. It a spring bloomer


Wow…its beautiful…does it make fruit?

Nope, no fruit. It just looks pretty and attracts japanese beetles :grin:

Is it to early for a smoke report on the stracciatella I know I spelled it wrong lol or scissor hash???

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Hi @ThcinKC, Early reports kinda bro…she hermied somewhere along the line…I think light leaks from me being in the room with the tent during lights out… BUT!!!..Believe it or not she smokes real well has an chocolaty/earthy taste, and gets my wife HAF…Me…not so much…I can smoke an entire j and I catch a mellow buzz…it lost any punch it may have had.
I have clones out there running with friend and I have one clone in the yard,
So, I may get a second chance at it.
My Sour Deisel auto also hermied and I’m running some seeds out of both to see what they are…Im wondering if the SD autos will be autos as well…time will tell…


Here’s my garden @jewels,
White fig tree from moms house

Dark Fig tree (no I don’t know which ones they are exactly))…lol)

Home Depot Fig tree planted last year…

Assorted Tomato variety’s all over the place, basil and parsley too.


Ok I bet it picks up alot at 1 1/2 months cure my black domina was ok at first but now it’s a dump truck at the 1m 3 week cure
I’m willing to bet that it turns into a sledgehammer you grew it right it looked very good at harvest time to if it’s got the earthy flavor that’s a longer cure for me but it’s so worth it my earthy strains take 4 to 6 months cure to be really good I’m definitely going to grow it after seeing your results great job keep it up


Thanks @ThcinKC man…it retained its color really well and the nugz are tite, so I think you’ll kill it man. Im gonna run it again on a shorter veg time over the winter since I have more seeds of it too… Make sure ya give me a shout out and a tag there when ya do.


Well, we did another…
Thanks for checking out the first one and sharing I hope you’ll do the same for this one. PUFF, PUFF …PASSIN IT—>

I hope the link works!!
@DebbieM, @Missiles, @GreenJewels, @Amazon66, @Gremmall, @PurpNGold74, @Not2SureYet, @Not2SureYet, @dbrn32, @THCinKC


Very nice gardens :blush: I’m gonna have to keep an eye out for a clearance plum tree. I did score a hibiscus the other day, well spent $ 7.50 :grin:

Thanks for sharing the video and keep them coming. You guys jam! The singer has a bit of Ozzy sound in his voice, that’s a compliment
I owe you some likes, I’m out atm :+1::v::green_heart:


It was nice song but I’d fire that drummer and get a better looking one ahaha


Lol!! Thanks bro!!!..I can’t hide enough man!!


Wow it’s been awhile since I was on and posted some news here.
Quickly, Band did our first show in the city and we’ll post clips to our YouTube page.
Next, weed wise, the gelatos are bottled and curing. Each was about 2 ounces.
The Monster did not herm, the Loud Gelato kinda hermed and made a few seeds, but they’re all white amd immature so it happened late.
The Vader OG bag seed pant came out outstanding. She’s in her second week of cure and her smell is coming back nicely, burns great, amd already is buzzing me as a half a joint and I put her down.

The remaining autos are in the final stretch run.
I started the flush on them but I’m still hitting her with Signal (just to finish the bottle I’ve had for over a year and molasses at a teaspoon of each per gal.
These have been on Jacks 321 the entire run, with Tribus added once a week. I’ve started adding Recharge in week 4 of flower and saw a nice boost while also I needed to add a little more cal-nitrate (part2) by another 1/4 dose with the Jacks final boost regimen 2 weeks before flush. For these girls it’s weeks 5 and 6.
I dropped my ph to 6.2 at every watering now since I hear that’s the range preferred by most autos.
Here they are in the garage under a blurple and a QB. It’s been incredibly humid here for weeks now so they stay in the garage during the day and in a cool dark room in the house with ac at night. Hoping to see color if they have any in em.
The tallest is the Cheese, the other is the GG4. The nugs and colas are rock hard.

Both are in week 6/7 since the forced flip.


They look great. Welcome back lol :clap::cowboy_hat_face:


That is a nice sack of buds there. Plants are looking great too :+1:


I remember that what ever happened to him