Abouttime's 3rd grow with a summer twist

Thanks man…I def over did it!!!
Cant wait to run the Grimms in the fall after my vacay, or they would’ve been going already.
I saw your getting back into the swing too!


Thanks buddy, Glad you like em both!!

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Make sure to tag me if you do more. I haven’t looked to see if you have more on youtube yet. I am slow :laughing:


Not yet @Not2SureYet …that was our first…plans are being made for another…
I’ll def post it here again with shoutouts.

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Some closeups of the Citral Glue Amd Stracciatella. They are both being harvested this weekend along with the Sour Deisel auto that also turned purple.

I’m a bit disappointed that my 2 Gelatos of different breeders are flipping already at such a small size.

But it happens…effin autos…lol
The Sour Deisel

The top finally broke off this past weekend, so she’s in early drying and will be the first taste of this round.


@abouttime we understand how things magically breaks this late in flower , it’s was just to heavy to keep fighting , it was leaning way over the other bud , it was getting light burn , that just trichomes on the sugar leaves lol , yeah u and I know how them top colas always seems to be the one to break first , why is that cause all them others colas is just as big and frostier cause they not as close to the light to lose Throckmorton due to intense light .


She’s good too!!

I bent her over 6 weeks ago to fatten her top and moving her around every day just wore her out. She actually spent the last 6 weeks outside during the day and inside under a blurple…No great loss…the rest gets chopped this weekend.
Also, I run my QB’s at 90% if I can’t keep the tops at least 18" from the light.
She’s super smooth already and has a nice little kick already. Trich are 25% amber +/-.


Sweet jebbus!! Lovely tents! That diesel is High Times worthy! How the terps come out?

Congrats on another (and soon to be ANOTHER) successful chop.


So you doing a full rotation and it’s working out pretty good from outside to inside light without stunting them much maybe are you advanced at it , lots of practice . But that’s it veg inside and flower outside .


Well…it hasn’t worked out every time as far a size is concerned…I’d say 75% have been big unexpected bushes…but rt now I have 2 gelatos from different breeders and slightly different strains themselves and they’re both flipping already…thats OK for me because I’m trying to get everything done by mid August for a vacation. I’ll try em again also in the fall to see if it’s inherent or it just happens. First time I’ve tried either breeder.

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She dried great…very little grass smell to her…first taste were kinda tasteless as expected, gotta seed out of the top. I guess it’s a fem auto seed???
The Jacks made all the difference, with theTribus and now molasses at the end.
These got really 24 hours of light every day so far until the last few nights for the GG4 AND Cheese… they refused to flip after 3 months but they’re finally showing signs with the 12 on 12 off now. Might just finish em like that outside in a week or so…sun grown is noice!!
All the best my man!!



@OlyBoy98503, my page buddy.

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Yep, that’s right, the end has come for 2 of the fine ladies of the house.
The Stracciatella had 40-50% amber, awesome color and solid nugz.
She was a small manageable plant that probably would’ve been better with another month of veg and the entire tent to her self but I could say that for any of these girls really.
Here she is after the chop making a nice bouquet out of herself.
My buddy and his wife posed with her. We got hammered…

The purple Sour Deisel auto also met her end yesterday…

With two plants to trim in a week or so, I’m letting the Citral Glue go a little longer. She has the “big” tent to herself for a few days to give me some time in between trim jails.
She’s amazing folks…I highly recommend this strain to all of you.

With the extra room in the tent, I’m putting theb2 gelatos in with the CG at night.

I didn’t feed them any Jacks until this week. Until now it was just the FF soil.
I’m thinking, I may have gotten great growth because I went to the Jacks in week 4 with the GG4 and Cheese Autos.
And started them on 18-6 and went to 24 at the same time as the Jacks went in.
This is the same process I used with my other autos that grew large. I was using the FF trio and Hydroponics nutes and I was overfeeding locking out and screwing them up but still getting larger than expected autos. I didn’t do any of that with the Gelatos and they stayed small.
They started on 24hr light and may have flipped early because I never tricked them to thinking the days were getting longer and when I put the GG4 and Cheese to 12-12 to get them to flip, finally the gelatos went with em.
Here they are in the garage together. The weather is again like March here today so they’ll spend the day under the blurple.

The GG4 and Cheese tops

The Gelatos

The Vader OG is fattening up and has at least 4 weeks to go. She’ll start her 2 weeks of final Jacks Boost before flush mix and we’ll see where she’s at after that. If she’s still going in flower, I’ll go back to the 321. If she looks like she’s about to finish I’ll just do water for 2 weeks. She’s supposed to be a 8-9 week flower so that puts her at week of July 1 to harvest.

Thats enough for now…I need a fatty and a thumb massage.
Have a great Sunday!!


Congrats. Those are some nice chubby buds there :+1:

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Thanks @Not2SureYet! Very appreciated!

Hello folks, been stuck in trim jail and busy with life, which includes taking care of the girls that are doing well.
The GG4 and Cheese autos finally flipped and are starting to show buttons.

The Gelato’s are well into flower

The Vader OG is fattening up nicely all over and her next 3 weeks should bring on all.her weight. The buds are rock hard.
I’ll upload a pic later along with my jars of Sour Deisel 2.4 oz…(after a branch to a buddy)
The Stracciatella made 4.2 oz.
The Citral Glue is drying and I go back into trim jail over the weekend.
Last shots of her

That’s it for now…Ill post some bottle shots and the Vader this evening.
Peace all!!


Congrats on the chop a few days ago :clap::cowboy_hat_face:
All your other plants are looking great so keep on doing what you’ve been doing lol


Thanks @Gremmall, very appreciated.
Things have been easy for me with the Jacks. They really stay in a happy spot till the end now.
The big autos tho have driven me nuts. May have to get someone to trim or burp or both if they don’t finish in time for me before I go on a vacation in August.
Good problems to have tho.
All the best buddy!


They are looking fabulous outside @abouttime , it’s been long enough right and now a work of art on the deck like normal should be and it’s going to start stinking good :+1:, hopefully they start Icing up so tge vegetarians night crawlers don’t get a lil snack . Nice work and hopefully I’ll be harvesting right with you for Smoke Fest :smoking:for Laborday this year , it’s either in Aspen, Co or Autin , TX , either are great party towns , the best fraternity drugs ever !