Abouttime's 3rd grow with a summer twist

I agree. This is all I’m using as well.


@Kinglouida13th @abouttime @kaptain3d @Jaydawg6528 @spyonyou @CalamityJane @patchman @Covertgrower @Hellraiser @covertgrower I do now. Gradually getting most of necessary components to grow in my apt. Tossed into it suddenly totally unaware of all modern growing practices, didn’t know what ph was, it’s been quite an experience so far. But I’m getting a lot of help, so much appreciated. And it can get quite overwhelming. Thanks


Hi @DebbieM hope your having a great week some of tonight’s



@Jaydawg6528 lookin reeeaaaalllll nice bud!!! Kinda jealous, jk they look so SEXY tho!!!


Welcome to my neck of the woods in NY @Kinglouida13th, @Covertgrower, @Jaydawg6528, @Bulldognuts, @Nicky, @Killadruid, @imSICKkid, @Gremmall, @spyonyou,
Figured I’d do an update on wasappenin around here, while @DebbieM, ain’t typing!
I was wondering if you guys that do autos do any pruning when they go into flower at 21 days like a photo, or just ride it out. I’ve got some huge fans on the SD auto that I was wondering if I should clip. They shade everything around them.
Anyways here’s pics, and something to read…

With a little love and patience, The bag seed Vader OG is all girl and is transitioning to flower. She’s been getting Jacks 321 Flower Boost and Epsom salts every watering for the past 10 days or so, since her transition.

My autos are humming along, The ILGM Sour Diesel is a little pheno this time around, the last one was taller with tons of strong side branches. She’s in flower obviously and will come off the boost at the same time as the Vader and back to the reg 321.

The ILGM GG4 auto with all the bending made a nice canopy and she’s starting to flip.
She just started her 2 week Boost cycle yesterday.

With the ILGM Cheese auto in the above pic, to the left, trying to bomb the pic!!.. I figured she wanted to pose for her own shots so…

She has some big fan leaves. I’m a big fan of girls with big fan leaves…:wink:
And as I pull back the shot and expose the Big Girls in the tent. The Citral Glue is on the right and the Stracciatella on the left. Both are at 5 weeks since the flip and they’re both on Jacks 321 reg feed since week 2. The Citral’s tips have slight tip burn, The Stracci doesn’t have any issues.

The CG

The Stracci

The new drops under a 35.
2 days above s’oil.

The Ganja Farmer Gelato OG and a Monster Genetics Gelato.
The Last CG clone (the tall girl) and a Vader OG clone are going back to my buddy tomorrow who gave me the VOG bag seed are in the pic of clones.
They go in the morning.

That’s it for now folks, any tips on the autos and any comments are always appreciated! Peace and puffalot!!


Dang you got alot going on there :+1:
Everyone is looking good, taking good care of thrm I can see.

We do defoilate and lollipop, as well as eliminating sucker branches.

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Damn @Kinglouida13th you really got it going on. The plants look great I hope my next run can produce like that. How do you decide on what to grow. A lot of the names I’ve never heard of.

Hi @Jaydawg6528, your on my grow page!
Thanks for stopping by.
Here’s this mornings quick update.
It’s gonna hit 85 here in NYC so autos are outside for the day.

I’ve got em camoed by my 3 yr old pointsettias.
Have a great day folks!


Thanks @Nicky, I’ve been taking a few every before every watering off the SD auto, since you confirmed. She’s in her 3rd week. The Cheese and the GG4 will get a trim up too in a few weeks. They’re just transitioning to flower… They both made a few huge fan leaves.

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Looking great :heart_eyes: the Stracciatella and Critical Glue are nice and frosty.
As much as your a fan of big fans, :grin::wink:
IMHO I’d pluck the light blocking big fans off cheese and SD.

It was a great Saturday in Florida :grin: so now, I’m finally getting some catching up around here done now :v::green_heart:


Thanks @GreenJewels, I did some cleanup of the biggest fans and suckers on the SD, she seemed to like it. The GG4 and Cheese are gonna get a cut too. I’ll do a few before each watering.

Believe it or not, I took the biggest fans of all 3 autos in these most recent pics from yesterday.
Sorry for the blurple light. They spend the day in the sun and at night under the light with the 2 photos…
They move around alot but don’t seem to mind the changes every day the GG4 is a nice little monster that LST did wonders for.


I agree, GG4 loved the LST. Shes a gorgeous little monster.
They’re all looking good

Thanks for reminding me to throw my blurple up in my current veg tent. I think the veg girls like that extra blue.
Enjoy your week :v::green_heart:

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Yep, all the girls get to share the blurple during the overnite sessions. The autos get a little QB too as I point the sweet spot towards them while keeping the top of the canopy at the back of the tent in good light too. Nobodies’ complaining and everybody keeps on growing so…
Stay safe!!


Hi growers, 5 days later and things are pretty much the same here…I took fresh pics but you’d have to look close to see differences but they do exist.
The autos are under some kind of light 24 hours a day. And different light as well.
Sometimes it’s sun all day long and a shared QB, and up till yesterday, a 4 bulb Chinese blurple cob light. I broke out a jepson blurple since it has a bigger foot print to cover all the autos at once. Today was shitty here so they went into the garage with a fan and spent the day there. Tonite everyone is together again, except for the Vader OG, which is in her own tent.
Some canna porn pics…
I’ll start with the Vader

She’s at 21 days since the flip so I took the scissors to her and had enough leaf matter to make a family of four, Ceasars salad. Spread her out some more and she’s got buttons everywhere now.
The rest of the family.

The Cheese

The GG4

The Sour Diesel… not quite the weight of last one, but she may fatten up some more, but tons of frosty trichs everywhere. She’s really gassy and greasy to the touch. May not yield alot but she’s gonna be potent IMO.

The Citral Glue is getting fat. She’s into her 6th week since flip. She’ll start her boost nutes this week for 2 weeks and then a flush. Harvest date is June 1st for her and The Stracci.

The Monster Gelato and Gelato Og moving along in thier new homes. They are 2 weeks above soil including a transplant.

The Gelato OG is ahead a bit.
Well that’s it really, other than 3 clones I have left that I have to up pot. They’re outside with my vegetable seedlings hardening in a covered plastic bin. They all go in the ground this week.
Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there and God Bless my Mom in Heaven.
Have a great day all!


Just thought I do an update showing the real colors of the girls in sunlight. They are not getting any kind of break for the last month or so and as you can see the Cheese and GG4 have gone into flower all on their own and are about to make buttons.
I’m going to change light schedule for all three to 18-6 to let em rest a bit during flower, so they make some sugar.
The Cheese on left, Sour Deisel in the middle and the GG4 on the right.
Little basil keeping guard still…she’s 9 months old or so…shes made plenty of leakage for the wife and my favorite sidewalk cart guy in the city.

The new sprouts…Gelato OG and a Monster Gelato. The OG is slightly ahead and a little more robust as far as structure.

The Tomatoes, more Basil, and last 2 clones springing back to life and starting to add some new foliage…this weekend I’ll up pot and fine a home for the summer in the garden somewhere.

Peace everyone!

And I almost forgot to mention, the new beans came in the mail yesterday… I am super stoked to get these going in the fall.
From the maker of the original C99.
Rosetta Stone, Grimm Glue, Queen of Soul and Killer Queen. The last 2 made with C99 Crosses.
Man I wish I had room to do 20 at a time!!

Big shout out to Mr.Soul!