Abouttime's 3rd grow with a summer twist

Hi All, Had a great Fishing trip on Thursday. Can’t ask for a better day. Full limits for everyone on board of Blackfish and Seabass.

Got home Thursday so wiped out I didn’t bother checking the Bruce. Woke up Friday took a look and decided to wait it out a little more for some amber trichs… shes around 20% rt now.
I’ll post a final pic before I chop her.
The little ones are becoming teenagers real fast.

The 2 photos have starting up again after the topping.

The Royal Gorilla is catching up

The Super Silver Haze, Sour Diesel and BCN Critical autos are kicking ass.

And finally the little spastic Moby Dick is coming along. Interested to see what the spasticity results will be!..lol

With watering alot less then in previous grows, I’m seeing some better and faster growth then my last grows it seems.
Getting hammered here on Pineapple Express and some leftover GG4 auto stash. I hope all of you are doing the same!


Ok ok, I didn’t chop the Bruce yet…lol. shes been taking her sweet ass time to amber up but I think she’s right, so tonite its the chop for sure.

She smells great, super fruity. Just like her Mom.
At this point I have to chop her also out of necessity. The girls are growing everyday and have formed their own sea of green in the little tent.

I’m admiting here that I’m so burnt. I mixed up the seeds while germing and definitely had them mixed up. I looked at the main stems and figured out which were the photos and which were the autos. I ended up swapping another 3 gal pot for a 5 gal pot for what I hope is the Strawberry Cough foto. So now I definitely have them straightened out. The Cough is in a 5,the Sour Diesel foto is in a 5, but also have 2 autos in 5’s as well because of the mixup. I have my fingaz crossed that I didn’t stress her out too much because she had incredible root production stretching into the felt pot. Some definitely tore.
She looks good this morning so we’ll see. She’s second from the left in the bottom row. Next to her on her left is the last to get going. The Royal Gorilla.
The Sour Diesel foto is still in the top right. This means I topped an what I thought was the Strawberry Cough and its probably the SourDiesel auto. She’s moving right along with 2 heads and is looking the best of all of them. 4 bottom shoots came up as a result of the stress and she now has 2 tops. She’s the middle, top row.
Busy time later tonite with the chop and then a cleaning of the tent so I can bring the foto’s down here along with one of the autos. Later, my plan is when the fotos fill out the tent, I’m going to put all the plants together in the studio with both QB lights till the autos finish because there’s no way the 4 autos will grow out properly in the smaller tent.
When they’re done, I’ll flip the light on the photos and ride them out till they finish sometime at the end of February.
A Pineapple Express wake n bake for me this morning, I hope you all are doing the same. Have a great weekend!


As promised…(for the past 2 weeks), the Bruce Banner#3 has run its course and has been chopped and now hangs to dry.
Robert Plant says it all in the background!

After a thorough cleaning of the bigger tent, the ILGM Strawberry Cough photo, the Sour Diesel photo and the ILGM Sour Deisel auto are together in the big tent.

The small tent is now a little roomier for the time being for the young Royal Gorilla and the BCN Critical, Moby Dick and Super Silver Haze.

Have a great night folks…


Keeping things up to date here folks so don’t mind me, but do say hello if ya stop by.
The Bruce Clone is drying out. She has a few more days to go.

I had a branch breakoff about 10 days ago and after a week in a paper bag and 2 days in a Mason jar I decided to give it a shot this morning and I got effed up before I even left the house. Man its good.
The young girls are coming along as 2 autos have already flipped. The BCN Critical and The Moby Dick are flowering. The other three are getting bigger with the Royal Gorilla the last to pop, is bringing up the rear.

Here’s some oseups of early flowering.



Hello all…I feel the wave of Legalized Cannabis in this land building on the horizon and it gonna be a great day. When folks can responsibly consume with the same appreciation as a beer or a glass of wine, mother nature’s finest creations.
So, the trimming is done and altho some small sections of a few colas were overspend I still yielded 6 jars of the BB clone. I should’ve chopped 10 days ago when I took a clipping to have it all been right but ya live and ya learn.

The girls are growing like mad busters and the auto’s are all starting to flip and transitioning to flower is under way. Meanwhile the photos are going strong and will want more space. I will be putting them all together and will set up the area to be more like a 4x4 and get the autos finished while I screen the photos in the 2x4. Really in 3 more weeks or so I’ll be flipping them too and I’ll be able to zip up that tent while the autos finish up. And the wider will be happy to clear me out of the extra room in the house!
Left to right…Super Silver Haze auto, BCN Critical XXL auto, Moby Dick auto in the small tent (20x36x60).

In the “BIG” tent from left to right.
The ILGM Strawberry Cough, the Sour Diesel auto, and the Sour Diesel photo.
(And a little basil keeping guard for insects in the back corner.)


That’s a nice stash of smoke and very beautiful ladies you have there.

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Thanks @GreenJewels. I have definitely overdone it. But damn, I’m in love with every one of em! And yes the stash is awesome. Think I’m getting the hang of it now!!

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Hi all, I did some rearranging. The whole family is back together again. 2 lights. 7 plants. No problem.

The photos are in the back. Getting bigger and they will be screened soon in the tent. The autos are almost all into flower at this point.


Just an update to the log and a hello to whoever stops by.
The girls are doing well and I took some clippings from the bottoms of the Strawberry Cough and The Sour Diesel photos and have 6 clones going. 4 of the SC and 2 of the SD. I didn’t want to take too many from the SD because I topped her tops again. Shes getting big so in an effort to slow her up a bit, and get her ready for a sog net with the SC, I topped four tops.
My plan is to flip em just before xmas or so when some of the autos may be done so I can separate em again.
Here’s a few canna porn pics for your Sunday.
ILGM Strawberry Cough

ILGM Sour Diesel

BCN Critical XXL auto

Silver Haze auto

Moby Dick XXL auto

Sour Diesel auto

Royal Gorilla auto (little guy in the middle)

SD clones

SC clones

The plan with the clones is, I’ve offered out a few to friends who took some of the Pineapple Express (I shoulda kept one too) and Bruce Banner clones I did during the summer. If no one takes em, I’ll flip em in the little tent in 10-14 days.
I’ll take 2 more SC tomorrow to give her a chance to bounce back between clippings, and I’ll get some early returns on those babies.
Thats it for now, have a great Sunday!
Puff puff, pass…no cough…woohoo!


Here’s my grow page @InkedPC. Enjoy the cana porn!

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They’re looking great.

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Thanks @GreenJewels, just trying to keep up with you!!
And thanks to @Gremmall, for always checking in and leaving a like!


Waaaaass Suuuupp!
Hello folks, psyched here, it’s Friday!
With that I hope your all in the homestretch of the week. Your almost there, just a few more hours. Got me 420 spliff ready to torch and nothing beats that for a start.
Here are the girls as of yesterday morning. 3 are well into flower 2 of them are taking thier time to transition. I’ve been taking down the lights a little at a time and I got them on 18-6 now. 2 more weeks and they’ll be down to 16-8. I’m probably flipping the photos on Dec 1. at which point I would have to separate the lights and plants again. Or, I can ride out the autos till they finish and then put one plant in each tent and finish them up separately under each QB. Since they will be bigger with another month of veg. I can set up a scrog for each and probably fill it in pretty quick by the time Jan 1 rolls around.
I’ll think about it…
Here’s the ladies
Moby Dick XXL auto… she has a black tinge to her.

BCN Critical Mass XXL

Sour Diesel auto top left corner of the pic, BCN Critical bottom left, SC clones in the middle, Silver Haze bottom right and Moby top right.

Silver Haze she’s been in preflower for awhile, but I can wait…

Royal Gorilla auto, its a blurry pic, she’s the little plant just above the SD clones

The ILGM Strawberry Cough and The Sour Diesel.

Happy Friday again everyone!


They all look great. You’re on automatic mode now lol


I wanna grow more @Gremmall!!
Just got some new seeds, Ethos, Citral Glue 30%thc…crazy and some TH seeds too, LA Sage, Stracchiatella, and a Chemdawg… wanna pop em all…but I’ll be divorced by Monday AM!!


Some canna porn to keep the journal up to date…
Moby Dick XXL auto

Super Silver Haze auto

BCN Critical XXL

Sour Deisel auto

Royal Gorilla auto

And the photos
Sour Deisel at the top and ILGM Strawberry Cough

The clones…another week or so and I’m transplanting to 1 gal pots for each then let em grow into the pot, top em once and flip em.

Bouna Sera folks! Puff, puff…pass…


Imagine how much space that would free up for your plants tho :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Point well made @Gremmall !.. but then more than the plants will need to be fed!!
And who says I’ll end up with the house???

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Your point is better than my point lol. Just pop a couple then :cowboy_hat_face::facepunch:


Just saying @Gremmall …I blew thru ten different beans trying to germinate in September and then these popped and I couldn’t kill any so now I’m having fun and dodging resting bitch faces!