Abouttime's 2nd grow. Super Skunk, Amnesia Haze AUTO x2 and LA Cake

My next grow is on folks!! @Sixpackdad, @raustin, @dbrn32, @tanlover442, @peachfuzz, @Growndaddy5589, @Hogmaster,
Thanks to all of you for my last and first grow! (huh,lol). Im growing better this time around. Fabric pots, Fox Farm Soil. Im using Organic Kelp and Backstrap Molasses every other feed with Bergmans Nutes for veg at 400 ppms total on the Super Skunk and just straight water yet in the Amesia haze Auto and a La Cake surprise seed from my guys last zip he gave me! ( huh?, there I go again!).
I have another Black berry Kush thats germinating in the cup and Im waiting to see it pop up. I dropped it in 2 days ago.
I ordered my QB but Im still waiting on it. They say they have a backlog.
It’s cool tho Im not sweatin’ it. My Higrow light did great during my first grow so its back on the job for the start of this one. The cob light I used in the second tent I had for the first grow is wrapped up with the tent and ex fan.
I’m going to be super diligent with this grow from the beginning with checking my PH and ppms goin in so Im expecting even better results this time around. In my firat grow I didnt get that right until almost the end of the veg period and the plants didnt really pop as well as I think they should have tho I did pretty good with everyones help.
Heres my settup below. 2x4 x7 tent 2000w Higrow, 4" exhaust fan with charcoal filter, warm air humidifier, small candle for co2 everyday when im home only.


Looking good can’t sell on here


Good luck with this one! If you need help with those boards make sure to let me know.


Each grow is a new adventure. Looks good.


Looks like you are off to a good start.


An update for my grow mates… @Smokin_ernie, @JD419WhyWait, I had a successful germination of a Blackberry Kush seed and she’s on her way.
So now out of the soil are
LA cake. (Surprise zip seed),
1 Amnesia Haze auto,
1 Blackberry Kush,
1 Superskunk,
1 Amnesia Haze Auto in a hopeful germination phase.
My hope is to put the autos outside when the weather breaks to finish off in some real sun during the days. Should be able to by the end of April. This will allow the 3 photos to move along in the tent with plenty of room to grow. With 8 sq feet they’ll have a little under 2 1/2 sqft each. @dbrn32, @Sixpackdad, @raustin, I get my QB light next week after getting my tracking number for it from GL finally. Can’t wait to get her up and running. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Puff Puff Pass a little BBK.

The BBK…she’s just a baby.


Couldn’t see her at first. Congrats, many days ahead, but nothing experiences. I just got done defoliating my oldest manifold for the 2nd time. You’ll find each day exciting, but calm yourself if possible, and research if there’s a problem, and then try to correct it.

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Thanks brother. I had a lot of help with my first grow from the folks on here and had a great harvest (at least it was for me!!). I spend tons of time on the journals and blogs doing research. Heres was my shot at stem splitting btw…

I did all my plants and even put 4 back in the tents for another 2 weeks or so to fill out the lower sections of the plants that were not getting as much light. They fattened up and leaves turned colors as well and then were harvested. So even with the split stems 48hrs of darkness, and the Ice bath, they kept going and growing. A second round of ice and another 48 hours turned the trichs quickly on the remaining buds after 2 weeks or so and Im just starting to sample and they’re a heavier head across the board.


Looks like a sweet grow. I’m one week done with flowering 3 right now. Looked at dates, and those 3 are exactly two weeks younger than the others.
A little before and after defoliation


Got my QB and I love the more natural light it emits. Thanks @dbrn32, @Sixpackdad, tho ya think i shoulda stuck it out thru veg with the blurple. Have had some nice tight growth with the HiGrow 2000 I was using up till now. Tho Ive been fimming these every day twice!

The super skunk photo,

The LA Cake

The Amnesia Auto @ 25 days or so.

The 2nd Amnesia Auto just popped. Finally got a second out of 6 tries.


How did your split and ice treatment work never done the ice But dude several rows of this winter and summer pretty chilly temperatures so I know what it can do I was just curious how doing the ice worked for you


I think you’ll be good vegging with qb


Thanks @Hogmaster, ya know its my first grow so I dont have anything to comare it too. But I did one of each strain I grew and it seems that the ines that were iced defintely ate themselves up more than the ones I didnt. The leaves turned what I assume was their finishing colors on the ones I iced. Tho the ones I didnt, seemed to also do the same but not as heavy as the ones that were iced. The trichs were at 35% amber when I iced and put em in the dark and after 48 hrs the trichs were well over 50% amber and super sticky.
The ones I didnt ice seemed to stay the same as far as amber was concerned and not as many leaves had turned color.
With all the plants, I ended up only harvesting the tops and put them back in the tents for another week for the gold leaf and two weeks for the Blackberry Kush and the Big Bud and they all continued on filling out and turned to finish colors. I harvested them again with the 48 hr dark period and ice. The Gold is the first Ive tried from the double harvest and its a heavier head than the first harvest.
The Blackberry came out the best in my opion with a nice pungent smell and sweet smoke. all of them burn great and are pretty smooth. I think the combination of finishing techniques attributed to that. Including a sledgehammer flush at two weeks before harvest and just water, backstrap molasses, and terpines @ 400 ppms every other watering. Ph was always 6.3 going in and 5.8-6.0 comin out with 300 poms comin out as well for the last few weeks. My grow started oct 13 and all harvested by Feb 7. It was quite a run and yielded over a lb. of mostly dense buds for all the strains and about 6 grams of kick ass bubble hash from all the trimmings and kief.

Below is a pic of nugs from all three…
Left to right is the Blackberry Kush, Gold Leaf and the BigBud… all were fem ILGM seeds. no males!!


Good morning all!
Here’s an update for today March 2 '19.
With a successful germination of the Amnesia Auto replacement seed from ILGM I now have 2 of these babies going and I’m extremely excited to see these grow to fruition.

The Little Amnesia

The ILGM Blackberry Kush is doing well.
Seeds been sitting around since October but she popped like a champ. I’m 3 for 3 with them with the two I harvested already.

The Super Skunker

The grow as of today.
The La Cake zip seed is on the right in the back and she’s kickin ass. She started out on the edge with too much early stretch but I lowered my blurple
light that I was running before the QB and she got strong with a little help from the fan. The big sister Amnesia is on the left front.



Update time…took some pics of the girls this morning. The last pic above was misrepresented. The Blackberry Kush seedling is the one on the left front. The Amnesia Auto is at the back left and the second Amnesia Auto is on the front Right.
They’re doing really well. Big difference for me on this grow is how LST has really kept these girls short and bushy. The nodes this time are leaps and bounds tighter than my first grow. The LST really works!
I also believe Im running the lights closer to the tops and thats making a difference.
I rearranged the plants in the tent and moved the bigger plants to the floor after I lined the bottom of the tent with a plastic bag. The bag is an extra layer of protection against spills and will help me collect water from the runoff when I flush. This way I’ll use my wet or dry vac to suck up the water. It worked well for my first grow especially after I set the scrog net and couldnt move the plants out of the tent.
Pics below are todays shots after the rearrangement. The seedling are now on a crate to keep 'em close to the light and the rest on the floor of the tent. The next arrangement will be when I move the Autos outside to finish in natural sunlight during the day the 3 photos will stay in the tent with plenty of room to maximize their growth. Hopefully the weather breaks soon and it warms up around here.

The new arrangement.

The Blackberry K

The Baby Amnesia Haze Auto

The LA Cake zip seed

The Big Sister Amnesia Auto

The Super Skunk after topping. She developed her new tops and is kickin ass.

Big thanks to @Sixpackdad for recommending the Fox Farms soil. Pretty much just water and water with Kelp so far and they’re really digging it it seems. Big difference from the miracle grow/black magic crap I used the first grow. Had tons of problems with the soil being too hot.


This weeks update. After getting my QB set up I decided I would put the lights on a different schedule as far as when they’re on. Im now on from 4pm till 10am. Still 18-6 since the start but Im on when Im not home now and saving a couple of shillings with the juice. Had quite the spike running the two tents for 3 months plus Christmas lights on the house for a month also sends a spike.
The girls are doing great. I’m expecting the Amnesia Auto to go into flower any day now. She’s starting to show pistils and Im thinking its on! She’s the middle of the three big plants in the back row. The skunk is on the right and the LA Cake zipseed is on the left and doing great. The two seedlings are doing well. The 2nd Amnesia Auto is on the left and the Blackberry Kush is in the right. I accidentally watered it with the water for the bigger plants and she suffered a little burn. I quickly poured some straight 6.5ph water as a little flush and I clipped the edges of the leavs that burned and she recovered nicely. I picked them up on top of plastic 3 gal pots this morming after the pics to get them closer to the light. I’m keeping the lights rt at 18" above the tops to keep them from stretching and it and the LST I’m doing twice a day is keeping these girls super tight. Much better results than my first grow at this point.
Enjoy the canaporn…

The Blackberry before clipping

The second Am auto


Another week and another update. @raustin, @blackthumbbetty, @hogmaster, @tanlover442, Real happy so far, All the girls are going strong short and bushy. So much better than the first grow. All I’ve been doing is gently pushing down the tops and branches 2x a day and keeping the lights tite. Between 12’ and 18’ off the tops.
The older Amnesia Haze Auto isn’t really showing signs of flower yet but it should be soon. It’s in its 4th week. She’s short fat and beautiful. Her little sibling is coming along well along with the Blackberry Kush. They’re officially in veg. So now I’m working 5 in the same tent I had trouble finishing 4 just two months ago and they were no where near the size these are at the same point of their lifecycle. Good problems to have tho. Maybe the weather breaks here in the northeast and I can bring the two Auto’s out to finish. That was the plan from the beginning but it looks like I may have to wait till april to bring them outdoors.
This grow I’ve been using FoxFarms thanks to a real good recommendation by @Sixpackdad and I’m only using water so far. Twice I tried adding just a little bit of grow big and the Skunk took to some spotting but I think It may have also been some Hi pH water I may have dropped in carelessly. I got that straightened out with a few of the past feedings to significant runoff and seems to have solved the problem. I checked ppms a week ago and they were at 3000. I flipped the trays I had each bag in so they drain off better when watering and to help with salts building up. My readings are back to a respectable 1300 now with straight water and the plants seem to enjoy it.

The seedlings are on 3 gal pots so they stay close to the lights

Super Skunk in the corner. The second Amnesia auto in the foreground

The older Amnesia Haze auto

The LA Cake Zip seed.

The Blackberry Kush

Peace to you all! Puff, Puff Pass…


Your girls look great!


Looking good

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Looking good. May you be blessed with large dense sticky buds lol!! Happy growing!!

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