About to start the cure process


Looking good
What strain is it @Elpollon0818
Are you food on how to cure bro :+1:

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nice frosty nug @Elpollon0818


Pineapple Express


Woohoo love Pineapple Express
Wnjoy it brother


Haven’t try it yet can’t wait to taste it

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First time growing

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grab a smaller pair of scissors if you want to do the most precised cut, you’ll get to gain a little extra flavor.
If you are beginning the curing process and that you need some advice to do so:

  • First, make sure you hear a “Crac” bending the branches of your plant still in drying process. If you can hear it without breaking the branch, then it is the sign that you can begin the curing!
  • Now prepare your best glass container, better if it is opaque more than transparent (because light affects the resin). The idea here in this process is to bring a more homogenous repartition of humidity in your plants. So you’ll need to open 15 minutes your containers each day, to renew the air inside.

You can put a Boveda 62% in the container if you are afraid of having too much humidity :wink:
If you need some more precisions, don’t hesitate