About to start some super skunk help

Just got my ILGM super skunk in today I dropped 4 seeds in some water to get a tap root. My question is last time I tried the white widow I got 7 tap roots but none never sprouted. This time around I’m gonna get some rapid rooter soak them in some 7 ph water over night then place a drop of clone-x in along with the new seed with tap root facing down is there anything wrong with this way? Any help would greatly be appreciated since my last seeds all failed

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Im old school I guess. I get an empty cd case. Line the inside with damp paper towels. Set the seeds in the the cd case, within the damp paper towls, and close it. Check daily to make sure the towels are still damp. Wait a few days. I have had a failry good germination rate this way in the past.
Just one idea :wink: Happy growing…

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Hydrogen pyroxide will add oxygen and possibly weaken the shell a bit to help them bust through ( 1.5 tsp to 1/2 c water) clear domes on your medium help a ton and 2 sprays 2 times a day to keep the top 2-3 inches moist help a ton. I also suspect water ph 6.5-6.8may help germinaton

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Germination Isn’t the problem I’m haveing I always get that tiny white tap root when the seeds crack but every time I drop in soil never get a sprout… so I was gonna try using a rapid rooter intill I can transplant into a solo cup or larger. Was gonna soak in in distilled water and put a drop or two of some clone x in the hole with the seed ?


How deep are you planting? Are you packing the soil down after you put the seed in the hole you made? What kind of dirt?

I’ve done it a few different ways and in different soil
2- in rock wool
2 in Organic soil
2- in seedling soil
No I’m not packing it down and about 1/4 - 1-2 deep

After I get a tap root like so I drop into my soil mostly (hf cut 1/3 old soil). A mist of water and that’s it, don’t keep it soaked and definitely not saturated… Dampin off is most common. You think it’s that or are you coco? You didn’t talk much about your media, what’s going on with that…

Not too wet… ever

Ok so maybe I should wait for my tap root to get a little longer and the only soil I could get my hand on was some miracle grow seedling soil and this
Organic soil bit nothing is working for me so I need a different solution

Likely overwatering is causing seedlings to drown. If you use rooters, wet then wring out almost dry before use. A dome over the top and mist the dome to provide the liquid the seedling needs. No water is derived from the roots until developed so all water is taken from the air through leaves. Keeping them wet won’t help. Whatever you use should be nutrient-free.

Ok perfect I went and bought a spray bottle so I’ll just spray 2-3 times twice a day

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That ought to do it.

Should I place them under lights at a 20-4 as spins as I plant them in soil

That’s seedling soil from depot I’ve used. Did not like it one bit! I still have the bag a year old.

Perfect thanks I’ll trash it lol no sense in wasteing time can anyone help with soil that’s the next the I keep hearing something about fox farm but there’s so many different kinds and I’m not 100% on what one and then I gotta feed and learn all that as well lol

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Anything miracle grow with slow acting release ferts is hard to control #'s. Don’t get me wrong it can be done some people are successful I’m not stepping on toes but not me. If that what you got give it a whirl but maybe even cut one 50/50 with some nice dirt around the yard!

Fox farm happy frog

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Cool super skunk , I got a couple going myself.

How far along are you with them. You have any tips you could lend me… I had 0 luck with the white widow but I think that’s my fault for over watering

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Yeah watch the calmag here’s mine in flower, and you can tell how pale it is.

heres a sweetberry on same feedings

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Widows are easy, probably overwatered my last widows.

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