About to start first flower, any tips?

9 plants currently in pre-flower. 7 are now sexed and are female. Figure at this rate last 2 should be known in a couple/few days. Going to flip to 12/12 next week Wednesday or Thursday.

All seeds are photo, from various bags, all indicia or indicia dominant hybrids not sure of exact strains.

Have 48x48x81 inch tent, two 1200w burple LEDs. If last 2 end up female… We plan on taking 3 outdoors rather than destroying them to make room in tent.

Any tips, things I may encounter with both situations in and outdoors? ( I don’t plan on the 3 outside to do well as it is late in year in north mid western state… September 25th is when sunlight will be at 12/12 locally… so will move those out on that date.)

Thanks for your help!

Keep captain Jacks dead bug on hand for pests. Or spinosad equivalent. You should be good.

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Would the captain Jack’s dead bug be for the outside plants?

It’s safe for outside and during flowering.

Got it! Thank you for the reply and help!

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Maybe consider upgrading your lights if you can afford higher efficiency ones

Thank you for the reply… My wife wouldn’t go for that.

Plus the 2 Greengo 1200w LEDs I have seem to be doing awesome with my plants so far. Gif is after 23 days. All plants are very healthy.


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No worries! I Ahh I see, thats fair. As long as your plants are doing great then there’s no harm.
Its easier to detect diseases and issues with white light just fyi.

Love the gif and plants are looking sweet!

Good luck and happy growing!

Thank you.

I do pull them out every other day for watering… But thanks for the tip… Will check them more closely, I didn’t think if that.

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