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2nd Grow, 1st Time DWC.
Hydro Buckets using 16L

Advance Nutrients
-OG Organics (OMRI)

Made nutrient solution and it took from 28 to 35 drops of Ph up to get the PH to move from 5.0 to 6.0 and the next day it had foam on top of water. Doing some reading told me it was from too much air in buckets.

So day 2 recleaned and sanitized buckets made new nutrient solution and i added 65 drops of.PH up to one bucket and it still wouldn’t move. I would get a reading of 6.0 and i would retest to comfirm and the retest was at 5.0 again and every retest is 5.0

Does it normally take alot of ph up in dwc?
I’m using the General Hydroponics PH kit.

I ordered a ph pen. It comes in today.
I Appreciate all advice!

Hello im a complete newbue at this an will be starting soon my question is if my water ph is 7.0 -7.2 will that be bad for my plant… if I use that water will I have to make sure soil ph stay below 6.7 or should I just use water with ph 6.2-6.7 to keep soil ph at needed levels

Any ideas what’s wrong with this plant? It’s happened to me a few times now, where the upper portion of the plant looks fine, but the bottom leaves slowly yellow over time. I’m using FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil, I water once each morning and keep the soil mostly dry (i.e. I don’t water much), and after the yellowing began on this plant, I added a miracle grow spike to provide any nutrients the soil might be lacking. The light is a Phlizon 1200W LED Plant Grow Light, which I keep on for 19h each day in the grow tent. I haven’t noticed any pests.

This is my 8 day old Philly runtz s1

. I dont know what is growing with my seedling i plucked the first growth and put it in a jiffy pod and now a second one has appeared. New grower here

I am no expert but i do think they look great my plant last year flowered and looked just like this

I am on on my first grow indoors in a tent as well as my first dwc. One of plants has something going on at one of its nodes where the preflowers are and i am not sure if its a pollen sac. Can somone please let me know? The preflower on the left has pistils now but the thing on the right hasnt changed at all. As far as i can tell the rest of my plant is all female but this one thing is worrying me… Is this a male preflower or something else? Thanks in advance for any help.

Yoooo no idea if I’m posting this correctly but this is my first ever time growing. I honestly don’t have any idea what I’m doing besides google and YouTube lol. I was curious if this was pest or septoria leaf spot or yellow leaf spot. Would appreciate any kind of help Preesh🤘🏼

I sprouted 5 blue dream sativa seeds successfully and nursed them to planting size (6 to 8
inches tall). I planted them in the ground about two weeks ago. I now see that they are
flowering! Should this be happening? Is this going to rob the plants of their growing
potential? I want large outdoor plants. I’ve been growing for 40 years and never seen this happen. Please advise.

Seeds its a male

No seeds. These are flowering females.

Hermaphrodite??? I dont know thats weird

Strain; Sour Diesel

Soil in pots.

Using Dr. Earth fertilizer

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size? Indoor, 5g pot, lights 2-3 feet above plant

Temps; Day, Night. Temps in home, about 70 during day and 66 at night.

Humidity; low humidity, now using dehumidifier

Ventilation system; No

Plant did great until leaves turned a lottle yellow. I rreated with an epsom salt mixture because i thiufht it was a magnesium deficiency. I believe it has a potassium deficiwncy now, and have been using Dr. Earth and banana peel water, but just seems to be getting worse.