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I feel your pain. I had an ILGM LSD AUTO, that was reaching because my lights were inadequate… But she kept going with her little one bud … Only got 2 little g’s from her but it was :fire:

I bought 10 super skunk seeds I’ve been growing them for years now I have about four out of the 10 it look like this I will post a Pictures

I have more pics IF ANY ONE NEEDS THEM

That’s normally the way my super skunk looks so if anybody knows what’s going on or maybe they were just mixed up seeds and I have another breed of plant I’m not sure I don’t know

First time grower here! Have a fem White widow with some discoloration beginning. Ive never ph tested my water as i use distilled water. Havent given any nutrients either. Anyone know whats


What’s snipping off the growth off the stem of the newborn plant? Tried twice now and each time overnight the plant growth has been shipped off of the stem

Please help me discover what is wrong with these plants. I had a 400w light super close about a week ago and they are still burning. What does it look like is wrong with them? Thank you

I purchased a 10 + 10 of LSD autoflower last July. I germinated 10 and brought them up to approx. 3-4 in. I then transplanted them outside. They started flowering immediately and are now in their 5th week. Most of the plants have stayed around 8 inches tall, with only two reaching 12 inches. Photo shows LSD on outside rows compared to other strain. This is normally my crop for the year. My first ( and probably last) experience with autoflower. Any ideas

My previous post doesn’t have the photo because it wouldn’t upload. Sorry.