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Too soon to tell IMO

Look higher up toward top nodes… those usually show first

Please help me

What do i have, here are a few puctures. I have several very short plants and several very tall. The short plants are male? And tall are female?

The first pic is one of the tall plants and the second is of the short plant.

Can anyonw help me ID the type of plants I have. They are from mystery seeds and they are starting to flower

I’m sorry… I cannot figure out how to start a new string… Hope it is ok to post question here.
GG4 autoflower
approx 10 weeks old
Started indoors - 5 gallon pot - coast of maine stonington’s blend organic soil
Spends days outdoors in natural light, comes in on nights where temp is dropping down

I’m a first time grower working through my first batch of seeds. All ILGM GG4 autos. Some seeds did not germinate, and a few that did dropped their taproot. For the ones that germinated properly: I grew one in a closet, 4 in a tent, 1 hydroponic and 2 outdoors. I’ve grown a few nice plants from this batch of ILGM GG4 autoflowers, but now THIS plant looks different. Is it a male? Hemaphrodite? I tried contacting ILGM b/c I’m pretty sure it is a male and I’m hoping for a replacement, but I was referred to this board. If people confirm this is a male, how do I get in touch with the ILGM folks? Thank you all in advance!!

Hello, I’m starting a new grow and will be starting some mother plants for the first time. My plan was to buy a 10 pack of seeds (normal, not fem) for 3 different strains, then grow them out and get rid of the males and pick the best female of each strain and use those as my three moms. I only have a 3 x 3 tent to work with as my veg / mom tent and the tent only has enough room for all the plants if they’re in 1 gallon pots, will that be big enough to get them matured enough to sex them?

Yes I’m not sure about sexting my plants any help would be grateful thanks in advance! Here are my 2 plants I ever tried to grow n there on day 85 cheers!