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Hello ilgm growers. I have bubba kush that hasbeen flowering for 7 weeks. The hairs on the ends of all the colas are at about 50% brown. The hairs lower on colas have not started turning yet. Have a lot of tricomes that appear milky. My first time with bubba. Is this one of those hybrids that will need to be harvested over time? I am growing at 9000’ in Colorado’s high country. Any advise out there?


I think this topic could be split into the following categories : flowering, harvesting, drying & curing. Or something along those lines, to help people learn more easily about the outdoor harvest and how to get the best results from their buds.
@bob31 would this work?


@sunflower that is not really my call as a mentor. Why don’t you copy your post and start a new topic and tag me over there and I will have the site admin tagged so he can respond to you.


Thanks @bob31 …i will. Was just cruising through topics and the thought came to me :slight_smile:


@Sunflower I did hear that they are in the process of doing the categories and sub-category’s over so hopefully that will happen.

A new topic would let them see your input.


New to the Forum, but have had some success growing…
Here’s my dilemma: I planted seeds in late July in growboxs Plants are healthy, yet hidden behind fence in Southern FL. Now it’s January, and They are budding on bottom only, in the shaded part of the plants, I have Amnesia Haze fem & Blueberry Fem!! What do I do?