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how do i post a new thread???


4x4x8 Tent 350 Watt HPS with 4 additional 100 watt (5000 lumen) full spectrum lights on top colas

This category shows that multiple different kinds of light sources can be used when plants grow too big.

In the tent there are 4 plants 30 days into flower. Black Widow, Skywalker OG, and Bruce Banner all three strains are feminized seeds from ILGM

Need all the help I can get. I purchased a small grow tent filters lights pots ect… I purchased a recommended fertilizer kit ordered Acapulco gold and ak auto flower feminized seeds…now step one what soil do I use

I use happy frog by fox farms, had good luck with it. They have one called ocean forest thats good too but i find it a bit hot for seedlings. Gotta pop those seeds too. I wouldnt ise dirt though. Soak them and then damp paper towel for 48 hours or so. Once you see tails then i pit min in mineral wool starter blocks till i see roots, then to soil.


Need help! Roots are doing good, gave cal-mag and leaves worsened, these are mystery seeds, not over watered or under

Rate my setup? Fox farm nutes and mother earth coco coir 70/30 mix with perlite. 5x5 vivosun veg tent with clones and 5 new seeds a 4 in ac infinity fan, small 6in fans on every corner and VIPARSPECTRA 1350 light. 4x8 vivosun flower tent 6 in ac infinity fan, 2 marshydro 3500’s, small fans in every corner, and 2 big strawberry cough plants day 26 in flower